Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Verdict In

Today was my appointment at the sleep disorder's clinic where I received notification that I am suffering from severe sleep apnea. It is caused by the trachea narrowing or closing while sleeping causing me to have a very light sleep. That is why my dreams are so vivid. I never reach a deep sleep which is also the reason why I sleep 12 hours without feeling rested.

The doctor is arranging an appointment for me to meet with sleep specialists who will provide me with a kind of mechanism to put over my nose when I sleep which will hopefully assist me in sleeping and hopefully I will reach a deep sleep. Then I should sleep, not dream as much and allow me to sleep normal hours so that I can awake refreshed.

Boy, it is hot out. The temperature is in the high 30 degree Celsius or over 100 Fahr. It is rare for it to get this hot and everyone finds it difficult. I am so happy I have central air so the house is well air conditioned. It was so wonderful coming home to a cool house. Not taking the dog for a walk today. She won't even stay out longer than a few minutes. The cat is outside, but I will check on her frequently to see if she wants to come in. She doesn't seem to mind the heat.

Unfortunately, I'm exhausted from the appointment and the stress of reaching the appointment. I had to attend at a hospital and we all know that parking around a hospital is dear. Luckily I only had to pay $2 for parking on one of the side streets. I had a 10 minute walk through this heat to reach the hospital which isn't bad at all. I had spent many hours yesterday, last night and today worrying about finding a parking space that didn't require me to walk too far in this heat.

I'm glad today is over. I have long been expecting today and the results of my sleep test. Tomorrow, I will finish my fourth book That Truthful Place. I just have another few pages to write. Anyone want to edit it for me?

have fun,