Saturday, 23 May 2015

Playoff Hockey

Playoff hockey is the best. Hockey is my favourite sport and I love watching it. I'm a big Toronto Maple Leaf fan and yes I admit it. Even though they were third worst in the league, I still say, "There's always next year" as does every other Leaf fan.

Leaf nation received some great news this week with the announcement that Mike Babcock will be the new coach. Mike was the coach of the Detroit Red Wings and won a Stanley Cup with them in 2008. He's a famous coach in Canada since he won two Olympic gold and a world championship for us. I'm thrilled he's taking over and look forward to a Stanley Cup in a few years.

Back to playoff hockey. I haven't missed many games this season. It's such a difficult sport. I have much admiration for the players except when they fight. Don't like the fighting. Went to a boxing match and a hockey game broke out.

In playoff hockey, the guys play that much harder. They skate faster, hit with more abandon, and find it more difficult to score. I was cheering for Montreal and Calgary until they lost out. If the Leafs aren't playing for the Cup, then I cheer for any Canadian team. Now, I'm cheering for Chicago and New York Rangers but they are down in both their series with Anaheim Ducks and Tampa Bay respectively.

I would love a Chicago/Ranger cup final but it will probably be Ducks and Tampa Bay. My bet is Tampa for the win but it will be a long series, probably go seven games. But that's great. Lots of great hockey to watch.

I just had my backyard sodded. It was a mess and terrible to look at. After discussing it with a friend who owns a contracting business, he offered to do it for me. One of his workers came over and dug up the mess that was my backyard so it was dirt for a few days. I was surprised that Emma liked that.

The landscaping has been completed and I love how it looks. Wow this is so much better. Waiting to see if the pets prefer it. I sure hope so. Keeping it watered well. That's easy to do. I'm so happy how easily this problem was solved.

have fun,

Monday, 18 May 2015

Striking Teachers

Happy Victoria Day!

Right now, in Toronto, teachers are on strike. I'm not going to read up about their issues or learn the reasons for their strike just to regurgitate it here because I really don't care. Don't have kids and don't know any kids of school age so really it's not a matter which I can honestly discuss. But I think teachers should never be allowed to strike.

Just think of the stress they are causing to kids in their last year of high school. Their whole life could go askew because their entrance into university or the work force is put off for a few months. And what about the parents? They have to stay home from work to look after their kids so the strike affects them aversely too.

Teachers never striked when I was a kid. Our teachers rarely took time off work. I remember them always being in class. They were always available to us and offered great school programs. I have great memories of many teachers from Westdale Secondary in Hamilton.

When in grade 12 and with our history teacher and a few adult chaperons, we went to Quebec City. We took the train. I was 17 years old and so in Ontario, I wasn't old enough to drink since the age was 18. However, in Quebec, the age requirement to drink was 16. I was playing bridge with the history teacher, an older sister of one of my classmates and another teacher. They were all drinking except me who had a can of coke. When we crossed the border, my history teacher picked up his bottle of rum and poured it into my coke. I loved him for that!

For some strange reason, I fell in love with chemistry in grade 9. I did very well in that class and volunteered to clean test tubes after school. My chemistry teacher was a lovely man who spent time helping me excel in his classes. I received a 98% in that class. Actually, it was the best mark I ever received. I was more a B student.

I had a lot of problems learning how to read. As a child, I avoided reading as it was torture. I don't think I was dyslexic but probably borderline. I see words as shapes. If a word is spelt wrong, I can tell by its shape but I'm not always able to identify the mistake. I remember sitting quietly in class as the other students read. Amazingly enough, I managed to make it to grade 5 without being able to read.

Then I met Mrs. Markham. I'll never forget her name. She realized I wasn't reading and set out to teach me to read. She spent much quality time with me. To encourage me to read, she gave a book: Mrs. Pickerel Goes to the Moon. That was the first book I ever read and I loved it. Reading became better than candy and because of that book, I set out to read everything I could get my hands on. I'm still a voracious reader thanks to Mrs. Markham.

Teachers are a major part of a child's life. They make a difference. I have the upmost respect for teachers but they should never be allowed to go on strike. Let me know what you think. Do you agree or disagree?

have fun,

Friday, 8 May 2015


When we were kids, we hardly ever went out for dinner. When we did, it was to celebrate something special. When my parents were kids, they never ate out at restaurants. Well time's have changed.

We now go out to dinner quite frequently and it is no longer something special. Well, it's always special to me. I love eating restaurant food and I have a few favourite places in my city.

My favourite place is La Luna. The chefs are Lebanese and serve middle eastern food. And the food is absolutely fantastic. I must have eaten everything on their menu. There have two restaurants. One is in downtown Hamilton. The other is on the mountain which is ten minutes from where I used to live. So when I lived on the mountain seven years ago, I would order from La Luna every two weeks. Their staff is the best: the friendliest and nicest people.

My next favourite restaurant is a Japanese place owned and run by Koreans. These Koreans are the nicest people I've ever met. I've learned some Korean so that I may thank them for their meals. Joya Sushi serves the best sushi and I love their beef teriyaki. There is also an assortment of Korean dishes which are delicious.

Yesterday, I had my favourite lunch at the Indian restaurant. India Village serves a special lunch which comes on a metal tray like you get in the army but in each place is a lovely variety of Indian food such as an appetizer like onion bhaji, a main dish with a few pieces of butter chicken, a salad, a side vegetable dish and a small sweet ball for dessert. It's absolutely delicious and very healthy.

Another favourite restaurant is Bangkok Spoon. They provide delicious Thai food. Their fresh spring roll is absolutely fantastic. They also have a great variety of beef, chicken and seafood dishes. Had a few and enjoyed every one.

As you can tell, I like ethnic foods. I love to eat things I could never make for myself. I also enjoy spices. When I travelled to different countries, it was so much fun trying their native foods. I could eat my way around the world!!

Where do you like to eat? What are your favourite foods? Leave me a comment.

have fun,

Friday, 1 May 2015


Ever watch Dragon's Den or Shark's Tank? Ever think of an invention? Those shows promote intelligence, business savvy and strong personalities. Not only is it interesting, but you learn some great ideas. But it's difficult coming up with something that everyone will want to buy. Some ideas succeed but most don't.

Have you ever heard of Magic Mess? It's a brilliant invention. It is a screen that covers any door.

It's a simple mesh that is fastened to your door. Those pins you use for particle boards are the best things I've found to keep the screen attached to the door frame. They are easy to stick into the wood frame and easy to take out at the end of the season.

In the centre are magnets which allow easy passage and connect quickly upon closing. It is a brilliant invention. I love that fresh air.

Now I can leave my backdoor open all the time. No flies or bugs get in and the dog and cat can go in and out as much as they please.

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