Monday, 18 November 2013

Poor Nelson Mandela

Poor Nelson Mandela. His quality of life must be horrendous. I feel so sorry for him. His former wife, Winnie Mandela, was reported as saying that he cannot talk any longer because he has tubes in his mouth which run down his throat. He is bedridden and even considered to be on life support. That is no way to live. Why are they keeping him alive?

Let the poor man die. He was one of the most influential people in history. A difficult life and an amazing career proves his value is far beyond anyone else. He is a person everyone should admire and wish to emulate but he is 95 years old now. His life is over. Let him die in peace and not keeping extending his life just because you can't bear him to die. He is dead. He is living dead.

I truly believe that everyone should have a choice about when to die. Everyone reaches a point in life when they would prefer to die quickly and pain free. I would. I don't want to spend many years suffering in a bed until I die. In addition, if I'm suffering horrendous pain, let me die. Don't extend my life.

My great aunt Helen died at 102 years old. She wouldn't let me call her old until she reached 100 years and, even then, she didn't like being call old. Helen spent her last few years sitting in front of nurses station with other half-dead patrons of the nursing home. All she did all day was sleep and wake up then sleep and walk up some more. That was no way to live. She couldn't read or watch television. There was nothing she enjoyed. Now luckily, she was never in any pain but I don't consider what she did as living.

Helen reached a point when she must have said enough is enough and she stopped eating. Two weeks later, she was dead. I give her a lot of credit but starving to death is not a preferred way to die.

Death is a difficult topic to discuss with anyone. Most people do not face the realistic adventure that death occurs to everyone. When Houdini died, he said he would come back and I truly believed he would, but he didn't. If Houdini can't come back, then no one can. I think when someone dies, we should have a big party to celebrate their life. Death happens so we must accept it and not mourn the person but be happy they lived.

have fun,

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


With a huge sigh of relief and finally allowing myself to breathe again, this morning I received the two emails for which I have been waiting. Unfortunately, being bipolar, I cannot handle stress very well and patience is not one of my virtues. I don't like having to wait for anything. I'm pretty independent and, if there is something I want, I go out and get it right away. I don't wait for anything or anyone. However, one must become dependent on someone else to achieve some things; such as, publishing Locker Rooms.

Happily, I received the proofs for Locker Rooms from the publisher. I have to review the novel for any errors and corrections. The cover is great though I made a suggestion to the publisher to better it. The cover team will work on it. The back looks great. They wrote the blurb (that's what I call it) about the novel and I like it. Much better than anything I could have written though parts of it are my words.

The interior work is incredible. The font and style of words looks great. It looks like a real book.

The second and, in a way, the most important email I was waiting to receive arrived this morning. A man whom I am considering hiring as my publicist was given Locker Rooms to read last week. He said he would reply in 24 hours but that time came and went with me worried. I was terrified he would reply that the novel wasn't any good and he couldn't represent me. I know, I think the worst, but that's part of a bipolar make-up.

I thought Mark would only read the first couple of chapters; however, he was on page 120 when he wrote me and he said he was looking forward to reading more. He likes Locker Rooms and my style. Whew, what a huge relief. He likes it! I'm just so glad. He is the first one to read the finished product.

My life will hopefully now get busy and have a purpose: to tell the world about Locker Rooms.

have fun,

Friday, 8 November 2013

Anyone Going to Vegas?

One thing you may not know about me is I am a professional poker player. No, not a casino star or even a high stakes player. I play casually online at Pokerstars which I have been doing since 2005. I began playing poker tournaments for play money/chips and then progressed to playing with real money which I have been doing for almost a year now. Unfortunately, I cannot break into the big money. The most I have won is $55.00. Nice bit of change but not earth shattering.

Usually, I play the large tournaments where up to 5,000 or more poker players participate from all over the whole wide world (except for Americans who cannot gamble online). These tournaments can take hours to conclude and can cost from $2.70 to $5.50 to play. Once in a while I might play a $11.00 tourney where the prizes are higher.

My dream is to go to Vegas and play in a live poker tournament there. I have decided that I would like to stay at Bally's and play in their 2 pm tourney. Buy-in is $60.00 and first place wins $1,000.00. I don't care what else I do in Vegas as long as I play in that poker tournament. Of course, I'd like to take advantage of all Vegas has to offer; especially walking along the strip and be blinded by the thousands of bright lights.

So, anyone planning on going and don't mind me tagging along?

have fun,

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Giller

As a true Canadian author, I was drawn to the ceremony for the Giller Prize last night. What an affair! Every past winner of the Prize was in attendance. I just can't imagine being in a room that full of exalted writers. I wouldn't know what to say. "Do you know the Vulcan mind meld?" Would they know what I meant? Any trekkies out there??

Lynn Coady won for Hellboy. Congratulations to her. What a prestigious award to win. I'm sure the book will go flying off the shelves now. Definitely a great way to become known. She is now written into Canadian literary history. Imagine that!

All the short listed authors received a leather bound version of their novel. I would love that. But don't worry, I have no aspirations to the Giller Prize. My writing is not of that quality. I hope people will read and enjoy my work, but I don't expect any awards. I want to be someone you want to read because what I write is fun, adventuresome and interesting. Because its a unique story that you are compelled to read.

Locker Rooms' proofs will be sent to me soon. I have a couple of errors to address and then it will go into publication.

have fun,

Monday, 4 November 2013

Turning the Clocks Back

Last Saturday night was the time to turn our clocks back one hour in preparation for winter. Did you remember? I didn't. I left my home at 3:15 pm to meet my walking friend. We meet every Sunday at 3:30 pm with her dog and mine. As I drove to the park, the radio announcer reminded me that I was supposed to turn my clocks back which I had forgotten to do, and it was really 2:15 pm and, therefore, I was an hour early for my friend. I returned home and waited another 45 minutes until I left again for the park at the proper hour.

Of course, when I arrived home, I quickly toured the house and changed all the clocks. That was so funny that I forgot. I'm usually so good with these things. But, you have to complete tasks when you think of them or you will forget to do them which could cause important matters to be overlooked like changing your clocks.

I have to acknowledge Twitter. A good friend finally explained the site to me in such a way as I was able to understand it. I am now taking full advantage of all it has to offer. It is really an exciting endeavor. I am now able to reach out to people all over the world. Because of Twitter, I have made some wonderful contacts. Such interesting people to meet; impossible in real life.

As expected, my Leafs received a valuation lesson from the Canucks as they lost 4-0. They have a lot of work especially with two of their top players out who cover the centre position which is difficult to replace.

have fun,

Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Good Ole Hockey Game

Anybody have connections with the Toronto Maple Leafs? Could you get me tickets to a game?

Sorry to ask but I love hockey; especially Maple Leaf hockey, and I wouldn't even attempt to be able to afford the price of tickets to a game or somehow come across tickets for sale. The team is hot this year and I'm sure every seat is sold the minute they go on sale.

I've always been a big hockey fan but it's different this year. The Leafs are really fun to watch; even more so because they are winning their games. I have seen every Leaf game (I even subscribe to the Leaf T.V. channel) since the commencement of their exhibition games with the exception of the game against Calgary last Wednesday night which was also the final game of the World Series. Yeh Red Sox! Nice that they finally won at home.

Any way, I have been enjoying lots of hockey. The Leafs are very strong this year. Finally, they are shooting and scoring many times a game. It's great watching the players achieve and grow as a team; namely a guy named Reilly. Just a kid and playing so well. Their defence needs work. Too many shots by the opposing team on the goalie. Both goalies (Reimer and Bernier) have been fantastic. A hockey team can't win the Stanley Cup without good goalies.

Tonight, the Leafs play in Vancouver against the Vancouver Canucks. This should be a good game since the Canucks are a tough team. The Leafs will be tested and I wouldn't miss it. My father and I have a friendly bet about who will play in goal.

So, yes, I'm hoping the Leafs make it this year to the playoffs, but it is a long season. We can only watch and hope for the best.

have fun,

Friday, 1 November 2013


Last night was Halloween and, of course, I have to blog about it. It was my favourite day of the year when I was a child. I loved dressing in costumes and going from home to home asking for candy. I would map out the neighbourhood and make the most direct and convenient plan so that I would reach each house without having to retrace my steps at any point.

Within my route, there were a few houses which were special to me; especially this lovely old woman who reminded me of the witch in Hansel and Gretel. She lived in a small white house and would provide us with these fantastic caramel popcorn balls. They were delicious and the best treats. You can't do that today because people only give out store bought candy which is a pity. When I was a child, many homes offered home cooked treats. Another house on my route handed out candy apples. Also delicious.

Unfortunately, it rained heavily last night and the children were not able to have a dry experience. I felt sorry for the kids. Some went out but returned home soaking wet. I wonder how many have colds today.

I was invited to a Halloween party at a friend's house where our dogs were invited too. For some reason, Kira (my dog) didn't like Isaac who tried to placate her with kisses, but it didn't work. Kira wouldn't stop barking. After some time, she calmed down. All the dogs got along extremely well. It's so much fun being able to go to a party with your dogs. Always something to talk about. Two of the dogs were extremely sweet with each other as Isaac laid his head on Lucy's legs as they slept.

The friend who hosted this party is an amazing cook and prepared lots of delicious food for us to eat. There was enough for an army. I rolled home.

Hope you had a great Halloween!

have fun,