Friday, 8 November 2013

Anyone Going to Vegas?

One thing you may not know about me is I am a professional poker player. No, not a casino star or even a high stakes player. I play casually online at Pokerstars which I have been doing since 2005. I began playing poker tournaments for play money/chips and then progressed to playing with real money which I have been doing for almost a year now. Unfortunately, I cannot break into the big money. The most I have won is $55.00. Nice bit of change but not earth shattering.

Usually, I play the large tournaments where up to 5,000 or more poker players participate from all over the whole wide world (except for Americans who cannot gamble online). These tournaments can take hours to conclude and can cost from $2.70 to $5.50 to play. Once in a while I might play a $11.00 tourney where the prizes are higher.

My dream is to go to Vegas and play in a live poker tournament there. I have decided that I would like to stay at Bally's and play in their 2 pm tourney. Buy-in is $60.00 and first place wins $1,000.00. I don't care what else I do in Vegas as long as I play in that poker tournament. Of course, I'd like to take advantage of all Vegas has to offer; especially walking along the strip and be blinded by the thousands of bright lights.

So, anyone planning on going and don't mind me tagging along?

have fun,