Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Discerning Heart

My 4th novel A Discerning Heart has been published. It's available on AMAZON

Genre: Fiction/Historical/Romance/Adventure

A story about a poor fisherman demeaned and humiliated by the people in his village. He decides the time has come for him to achieve a miracle and become popular.

He travels far into the ocean to attempt to capture the illusive Green Tail. A storm appears and he is knocked into the water by a strong wave. Almost drowning, he awakens on a deserted island guarded by a mermaid. Her treasure is littered all over the beach.

For a few years, Jim survives on the island with the mermaid. While out walking, he discovers the journal of a dead pirate captain. By chance, a small boat is washed up on shore. Grabbing as much of the mermaid’s treasure as possible, he repairs the vessel and escapes the island.

Jim returns home to his village assuming the identity of the dead pirate. He takes revenge upon all of the people who treated him badly. He attains everything he so desired but catastrophe was not far away.

have fun,

Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Toronto Blue Jays

As you may or may not know, I love sports. I'm a big hockey fan and follow the Toronto Maple Leafs. I enjoy football and the CFL. I cheer for the Hamilton Tiger Cats who would have won this season but will now lose because they lost their terrific quarterback to injury. But, of course, who isn't cheering for the Blue Jays.

During the early 90s, I lived in Toronto and worked in a great law firm. My boss often gave me tickets so I got to a lot of games in great seats. I was there when they won the World Series in 1992 but was in Australia when they won in 1993.

I love going to live sports games. I've been to lots of baseball games, some Ticat games, but never to an NHL game. Hamilton hosted the AHL farm team for Montreal. It was fun to watch those games but it isn't the NHL.

Baseball games are a lot of fun. I like sitting on the field along the third base line. I don't know why other than because I used to play third base. One of the most beautiful things is the throw from third base across the diamond to first base to get the batter out.

So, the Jays are playing great right now. The whole team is working great together. It's not just Bautista, Donaldson and Encarnacion hitting home runs but Martin, Pillar, Smoak and Revere are getting them too. Their defence is spot on though I think Bautista is a little weak in right field. But he hits home runs so has to be in the line-up.

It's been 22 years since the Jays won the World Series. They are definitely headed that way and have a good shot at it. It would be wonderful for Toronto to have a winning team. The city will go crazy.

Only a few games left, then post season. I've been watching every Jay game and will continue.

Go Jays Go

have fun,

Sunday, 6 September 2015

I Slept with Santa

Sorry I haven't written anything in a while. I've been concentrating on my writing. A Discerning Heart will be published in two weeks. I worked through it with a developmental editor then had it edited by another editor. I'm pleased with the result.

A Discerning Heart is part romance, part fantasy, part cautionary tale. A rollicking story of an Old World fisherman who looked for love and acceptance but settled for power and wealth. Throw in a mysterious island and even more mysterious mermaid and an enchanting story emerges. Sex, lies and a long missing pirate’s identity are all major plot points in this fantastical romantic adventure.

My friend Miriam who came up to the cottage with me, read That Truthful Place and found some typos. I was shocked. Then I read it over. It was terrible so took it off the market and worked through it with my developmental editor. It is now with the proofreading editor and I will get it back September 15th. After I correct the edits, Miriam is going to read it over again looking for any missed mistake. I will then re-self-publish it.

I'm also working on The Perfect Hand, a thriller about 5 poker buddies who uncover a conspiracy. Been working through it with Andi and we are almost finished. I'm not in any rush to publish this one but hopefully I'll have it out by November/December.

So, as you can see, I've been busy so haven't had an opportunity to write a blog. Also, not much else is going on with me. Just been writing and editing.

But I did sleep with Santa. Met this nice guy in the chat room. He lives in Brampton and was looking to move. I've been lonely and have always wondered about getting a room mate.

Any way, we met. He spent the night. We both decided in the morning that we weren't capable. But he did look like Santa. He's growing his white beard for Christmas when he works as a Santa. I thought it rather odd that I slept with Santa and didn't get any presents.

Have fun,