Sunday, 6 September 2015

I Slept with Santa

Sorry I haven't written anything in a while. I've been concentrating on my writing. A Discerning Heart will be published in two weeks. I worked through it with a developmental editor then had it edited by another editor. I'm pleased with the result.

A Discerning Heart is part romance, part fantasy, part cautionary tale. A rollicking story of an Old World fisherman who looked for love and acceptance but settled for power and wealth. Throw in a mysterious island and even more mysterious mermaid and an enchanting story emerges. Sex, lies and a long missing pirate’s identity are all major plot points in this fantastical romantic adventure.

My friend Miriam who came up to the cottage with me, read That Truthful Place and found some typos. I was shocked. Then I read it over. It was terrible so took it off the market and worked through it with my developmental editor. It is now with the proofreading editor and I will get it back September 15th. After I correct the edits, Miriam is going to read it over again looking for any missed mistake. I will then re-self-publish it.

I'm also working on The Perfect Hand, a thriller about 5 poker buddies who uncover a conspiracy. Been working through it with Andi and we are almost finished. I'm not in any rush to publish this one but hopefully I'll have it out by November/December.

So, as you can see, I've been busy so haven't had an opportunity to write a blog. Also, not much else is going on with me. Just been writing and editing.

But I did sleep with Santa. Met this nice guy in the chat room. He lives in Brampton and was looking to move. I've been lonely and have always wondered about getting a room mate.

Any way, we met. He spent the night. We both decided in the morning that we weren't capable. But he did look like Santa. He's growing his white beard for Christmas when he works as a Santa. I thought it rather odd that I slept with Santa and didn't get any presents.

Have fun,