Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Discerning Heart

My 4th novel A Discerning Heart has been published. It's available on AMAZON

Genre: Fiction/Historical/Romance/Adventure

A story about a poor fisherman demeaned and humiliated by the people in his village. He decides the time has come for him to achieve a miracle and become popular.

He travels far into the ocean to attempt to capture the illusive Green Tail. A storm appears and he is knocked into the water by a strong wave. Almost drowning, he awakens on a deserted island guarded by a mermaid. Her treasure is littered all over the beach.

For a few years, Jim survives on the island with the mermaid. While out walking, he discovers the journal of a dead pirate captain. By chance, a small boat is washed up on shore. Grabbing as much of the mermaid’s treasure as possible, he repairs the vessel and escapes the island.

Jim returns home to his village assuming the identity of the dead pirate. He takes revenge upon all of the people who treated him badly. He attains everything he so desired but catastrophe was not far away.

have fun,