Monday, 12 October 2015

It's Election Time

Canada is holding federal elections now. The date for the election is Monday, October 19th, but I was able to vote today in the advance polls. I thought I'd be in and out. Usually I am which is the reason I like voting in the advance polls. However today there was quite the line-up. I waited in line for an hour to vote.

Sure you can complain about the lines, but isn't it great so many people are voting? My parents voted yesterday in a different spot and they reported how busy the polling station was. I don't think I've heard of so many people deciding so early for whom they will vote.

Being able to vote is a right. Everyone should be able to have that choice. It's hard to believe that there are still some places in the world where voting is difficult. We should be proud that it's so easy for us to vote.

I also think Canada has a choice of wonderful men as leaders. Really any of them would make a good prime minister. They are honest, intelligent and hard-working people. Of course, I'd prefer Justin Trudeau, the Liberal candidate, but I don't think Canada would suffer greatly under any party.

I've been volunteering for the Liberal candidate in my area. I go into her office several times a week and make cold calls to learn how people are voting. The script we use is very good so we don't sounds too harsh or invasive. However, many times people hang up on me. I've called a few very rude people who take out their anger on me. That's not pleasant.

On the other hand, many calls are pleasant and the people are friendly. They are proud to admit they are voting for the Liberal party. They tell me stories explaining why they have made that choice or explain how much they like Justin and want him as prime minister.

Elections provide much excitement. I love having things to look forward to and I look forward to seeing who will be our next prime minister.

have fun,