Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Bad at Remembering People

Do you have a trouble recognizing people? I have so much trouble and I'm bad with names. Monday night, at the Liberal party (we won. yeh!) I met a handsome East Indian couple. We talked for a bit then went our separate ways. I knew them. I know I did but I couldn't place their names or where I had seen them before. After we parted, I pondered their connection. Then I hit on it. They owned my favourite Indian restaurant. I go there often for lunch. They have great set lunches.

Does that happen with you? So many times, I meet someone I have met before but in a different environment and I can't place them. I have met and talked to people from all over. Everybody remembers me but I don't remember them and feel bad.

My favourite example of this happened when I was in university at McMaster. I was playing euchre in the lunchroom with my friends. (At that time, the euchre players took over a whole long table in the cafeteria and games of euchre played continuously. If you had a class, someone would arrive to take over for you. After class, you'd return only to take someone else's place who had a class. Was lots of fun.)

Any way, this guy came up to me and said hello. I smiled back then said, "I know you but I can't place you." He said, "I see you every Saturday morning at swimming classes." I hit my head with my hand and said, "Oh yes, I just didn't recognize you with your clothes on." My friends laughed.

I've been very lucky. I think I've met someone from every country in the world. I try and learn a few words in their language and learn their traditions and culture. I love learning about other countries which is one reason why the characters in That Truthful Place are all different nationalities.

I was very lucky as a kid. My parents have no prejudices and taught me same. They never said, "You can't eat at your friend's house" because they were Chinese, East Indian or Black. My parents taught me to accept everyone no matter their sexual orientation, religion or colour. We are equal. I have always believed that.

have fun,