Friday, 16 October 2015

My brother, Bob

That's my younger brother Bob and his dog Strider. He looks good doesn't he? (My brother I mean, not the dog.) He's doing really well these days. He's been running triathlons and now he's running in a half marathon. Truly amazing.

I think he's crazy. Triathlons are so damn hard. And now he's running a half marathon. Wow eh?

Even as a child, he was very enterprising. He and his best friend would go to the university football games (we lived close to the university) and hide under the stands. They would collect all the beer bottles (and there was a lot) and take them back to the store. He made lots of money. When he was a teenager, he started a lawn mowing business. He was very successful and I think he sold his business for $20,000 just before he left for university. He completed an MBA and had many responsible jobs.

I've always been impressed with what he has achieved but, until recently, we haven't been friends. My brother and I have always been opposites. As kids, we didn't hang out much even though I preferred his Tonka toys over my dolls. He did his thing and I did mine. We have lead very different lives. For many years, we didn't speak. Then a few years ago, we had a good talk and now we get along great.

We have a wonderful relationship and thanks to Skype, we talk once a week. Family is very important especially as we age. My parents will die at some point and then we will only have each other. Having him in my life is very important to me. He is very encouraging about my writing career and I can always depend on him for support. I'm lucky to have him as my brother.

I just felt like writing a blog about my brother. Hope you don't mind.

have fun,