Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Provincial Elections

This present season is not just spring but elections in the Province of Ontario. I voted today in the advance polls because that polling station is close, no line-ups, ease, and I know for whom I am voting. The nearby church was is a nice walk from my home which Kira enjoyed of course. The weather was fantastic. I love this time of year.

The Provincial Debate was held last night. I won't bore you with what they said but what drove me nuts was what they didn't say. A few members of the public offered choice questions for the politicians. What I found frustrating occurred after the question was declared. The politicians did not respond directly to the question but returned to whatever topic of conversation they believed was more important.

Politics is a language all unto its own and I must admit to not understanding it well. But I believe in my right to vote and I think it's important for everyone to vote. We are lucky to have the freedom to vote so there should be no reason not to vote. I've noticed that the amount of people who vote goes down every time. Such a shame. They shouldn't be allowed to complain about the government.

The elections are being held Thursday, June 12th. I will be watching the newscast that night in excitement to learn which party will be running the government. Let's just hope that whichever party wins, things will be better in Ontario. Like anywhere, we have lots of problems needing to be resolved. That's all that's really important.

My website has been updated. Check out my Appearances tab and all the new pictures. Will be changing some of the notations but you will get the idea. I hope you will attend one of the events. I would love to sign a copy of Locker Rooms for you.

have fun,