Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Price is Right

Every morning, at 11:00 a.m., I watch the American T.V. show The Price is Right. This has been my routine for many years. I truly enjoy the challenges of the show and the incredible stories that are revealed as the games proceed. I've noticed that when there is a Canadian in the audience, they usually are called on down. But, I love the mix of people that are in the audience. It is truly a large variety of people.

Though I haven't visited the United States lately, I have heard of much prejudice which still exists. However, on The Price is Right, everyone accepts each other as equals. Many times have I seen blacks hugging whites and the two are not concerned with their colours but the fact that they have made it into the contestant's row. It is absolutely wonderful to see people get along for one purpose. I have never seen any prejudice or racism on The Price is Right. It is a show of equals as the world should be.

In addition, once in a while, you cheer for an individual because of things they have said or done on the stage. When they win their prize, you are so happy for them and believe they are truly deserving. I sometimes shed a tear as I did for this man who attended the show today with his family and Marine buddies who looked like they were all in their 60s. He won a car and was truly shocked. He seemed like such a nice man and I'm so glad he won.

Drew Carey replaced Bob Barker a few years ago as the host of the show. I have always enjoyed him through his shows: the Drew Carey Show and Whose Line is it Any Way? which was a brilliant show where four comics would instantly create an act using whatever line Drew gave them. Drew was the moderator and always had a joke or line of his own to add to the humour. He has slimmed down so much since the new job with The Price is Right. I enjoyed seeing a fat person on T.V. He was someone with whom I could identify. But, I have to admit, he looks great now.

Presently, I am waiting for the publisher to call me about discussing the cover and layout of Locker Rooms. Looking forward to getting this novel out.

have fun,

Sunday, 27 October 2013

A Sport Filled Weekend

What a weekend for sports! On Saturday afternoon, I watched the Hamilton Ticats beat Montreal in the CFL (that's Canadian Football League). It was a very exciting game with lots of action and terrific plays. I do love it when the Ticats win. They made it into the playoffs which is great. I would love for the Ticats to win the Grey Cup.

Early Saturday evening, I enjoyed watching the Toronto Maple Leafs beat Pittsburg Penguins which is hockey. That was also a fun and exciting game to watch. It was wonderful to see Crosby shut down completely and unable to get a point. Leafs certainly played well.

After the hockey game, I watched the World Series. It is definitely entertaining and I enjoy playoff baseball. But it is so slow compared to hockey. I really don't care who wins, but I think I'd like St. Louis to beat Boston. And the Cardinals won the game so lead the series 2-1. I was happy.

Sunday rolls around and it's another exciting night of sports. First was the hockey game where the Leafs beat Anaheim in another good game. The first period has been uneventful as the goalies play well. The Leafs come alive halfway through the second period and then start scoring goals. It, therefore, becomes a successful and thrilling game. One player (Kessel) scored a hat trick which means 3 goals in one game. Everyone throws their hat onto the ice to celebrate.

Of course, a baseball game is played Sunday night. Unfortunately, it looks like St. Louis will lose this game to Boston and they did. Well, it is good the series is tied at 2; makes for a more exciting series.

So, a wonderful weekend of sports. Quite enjoyable. Though most men spend Sundays in front of the television to watch American football, the NFL. I might watch a few games now and then but not a big NFL fan. I prefer Canadian football. The difference between CFL and NFL is our players are white and small and our quarterbacks are Black which is the opposite with the NFL.

Hockey is really my favourite sport. I love watching those games and enjoy the thrill of the player's skating and scoring abilities. I can't skate at all so I have so much admiration for hockey players. It's fun to see plays become successful and the great saves by the goalies. It certainly is fun to watch and I don't know what I'd do without having hockey games to watch most nights. I even ordered and received the Leaf specialty channel so I don't miss a game.

have fun,

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


I'm a woman but I HATE shopping. I really have to be in the mood to shop and spend money which maybe occurs once every two to three years. Of course, I grocery shop more frequently but still I run in, get what I want, then run out. Usually, it takes me 15 minutes to grocery shop and I only go when I run out of milk or orange juice which I can't do without.

Last week, I was in the mood to go shopping. I needed to buy a printer. My old one had died when I had my old computer. When that computer died, I bought a laptop but refrained from buying a printer. When I required a page to print out, I just emailed what I needed to my parents who have a printer. Obviously, got tired doing that so decided to buy a printer.

Went to Staples who have a large collection of possible printers. Found a nice salesman to assist me. He easily explained to me the pros and cons of the many models. We choose the cheapest one for $40 which was on sale from $100. Most of the printers were in the $100 range but I don't need one with many bells and whistles; just the basic. I set up the printer yesterday and it works well. Successful shopping experience.

The salesman at Staples recommended I buy a cable to hook up the printer with the computer. When I opened the box of my new printer, Canon provided that cable. So I have to take back the other cable.

After Staples, I drove a block behind that store to Best Buy. They are one of the few stores which still have DVDs and Blu-ray for sale. I love to go there and pick out a few movies. You can get them cheap now. I still love buying movies. I have quite a collection. Probably over 300.

After a successful adventure reading over every title for sale in the movie section, I went to the clothes store. I needed a new dress for an event coming up and I wanted a new pair of pants. I really hate clothes shopping and definitely have to be in the mood. I'm not big on trying on stuff. I just want to buy the clothes then leave.

This time, as on every time, I grab a saleswoman and tell her what I need. I let her choose the clothes with, of course, comments from me. Once we find a number of clothes that I would like to wear, I try them on as fast as possible. Unfortunately, doing it that fast, you miss some things. The pair of pants I bought were too big for me which I noticed while trying to walk in them. I did like the dress I bought along with a black jacket which would go well with anything.

So, I have to return to the area where those stores are located (Meadowlands in Ancaster). All the stores are in the same area. I have to return the cable at Staples and I have to return the pants at the clothes store and get a smaller size. In addition, I have to return to Best Buy. Why? Because I found the movie Atlas Shrugged which is based on the novel by Ayn Rand which is one of my favourite. Now, I didn't know it came in three parts. I bought Part 1 and then had to go back for Part 2. Didn't know about Part 3 until I finished watching Part 2 and realized that the ending was missing. Damn eh?

This is another reason why I hate shopping: you always have to return to the stores. So hopefully today I will feel like it and I will return to those three stores to return my items and get Part 3.

have fun,

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Great Day!

What a wonderful day it was today! Blue skies and warm sun. And I woke up feeling fantastic; well rested and raring to go. I am sleeping so well now. Like a dream come true.

Today I had to attend at the office where I received my CPAC machine. Disability allowed me to receive a new mask. Received a better one than I had and am pleased. I shouldn't have much problem getting used to the new mask with is small and goes over my nose. There are straps that go over my head to hold it on. I'm so happy to receive this new mask.

Then, to celebrate the day and for something different, I had lunch at my favourite restaurant which is near the other place on the mountain. It is Lebanese food and so so good. I had their special salad which is to die for. In addition, I received their shish kebab wrapped in a pita. Again, so good. Really filled me up and made me feel even happier.

By the way, I'm a big hockey fan and follow the Toronto Maple Leafs. I even receive the Leaf special channel so I don't miss any games. Yes, I watch them all. I do love watching hockey. It is such a fun and difficult sport. I can't skate and to watch these guys is exciting. The Leafs are playing so much better already and hopefully we will make it to the finals but its a long season. At least I now always have something to watch on T.V. Looking forward to tonight's game. Good way to relax after a successful day.

have fun,

Monday, 14 October 2013

New Book

Another novel has been added to my list on my website. The Package is my new novel. It might possibly be better written as a play since most of the action takes place in two rooms: the living room and dining room of the Blackbourne family mansion in Toronto, Ontario.

An historic Canadian family, embroiled in the art world, await the delivery of a mysterious package from their ancestor in England. What is hidden within the package changes the lives of this ancient family which causes various interesting and dastardly occurrences.

At the beginning of the novel, a family tree will be drawn out describing the whole hierarchy of the Blackbourne family going back several generations. Hours were required to complete this task. I am constantly referred back to this family tree because even I forget who is related to whom.

Each character in the The Package is somehow involved within the aristocratic realm of the art work; such as, collector, artist, gallery owner, agent, legal or insurance. The characters interact discussing their expertise in the arena of art which is how we get to know them. Also, we learn the integral family affairs which help and hinder the family.

Of course, there is still much work to be done on the novel. I'm re-reading That Truthful Place, my fourth novel. It requires a lot of re-writing which is necessary for all novels. An author is never satisfied with their work.

have fun,


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Dreams, cont'd

I live a very solitary life. Writing is not a team occupation and, of course, I spend many hours alone. However, when I dream, I'm always with people in social surroundings. Usually, I have travelled somewhere and am involved with searching for places to visit while on my trip.

Many dreams have involved being in a foreign country and I am attempting to reach some place. In some of the dreams, I would plan to visit a friend who lives in a town in Israel called Rehovot. While I lived in Israel, I would often visit this friend and I would consistently get lost travelling there. I never remembered where to get off the bus and then where to walk. She lived in a complicated area for me to reach.

Well, in many dreams, I am trying to reach my friend in Israel, but I am presently located at the train station in Utrecht, Belgium. The streets I travel remind me of England and I constantly wonder if I should be taking the Tube (British subway) to my friend's house in Israel. Very confusing dream, eh?

Last night was a social dream. I dreamt I was at a camp with two groups of women. One group was made up of individuals who kept to themselves and didn't involve themselves in the happenings at the camp. The other group were successful, attractive women who had the Midas touch. These women did everything together and were having a wonderful time.

It was the first group I was involved; however, it was the second group to which I strived to be apart. However, when trying to get the attention of these women to join their group, everything becomes nasty and disagreeable. Some of the women berate me and treat me very unfairly. So, I awoke upset and a little frantic after spending my dream arguing and fighting. I never succeed when arguing with people. Funnily enough, I get tripped up by words.

Since I tend to dream every night and remember my dreams every morning, I could just write that here on my blog, but I won't bore you further with my night's adventures.

have fun,

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Ever wake up in the morning and wonder what happened? Those dreams which seem so real quickly dissipate when you enter consciousness and your eyes flutter open. Suddenly, a mix of reality and imagination slowly split into two. You realize that haunting dream was not real and life goes on. But that upsetting thought never quite leaves you and lingers all day. Sometimes, like a shooting arrow, a single thought enters your cluttered mind during the day and reminds you of last night's bad dream. Or, if you are lucky, you are reminded of a good dream which refreshes and invigorates you.

Over the last two nights, I have been dreaming unpleasant dreams. The other night, I dreamt that I was at the cottage with my parents and my brother and his wife. My mother just finished making a derogatory comment to my sister-in-law and then a huge mud slid enveloped the cottage. Suddenly, my dog and cat were missing and presumed dead. I searched and searched in the mud filled forest for signs of my pets. Finally, a woman found Emma, my cat, up a tree. As I was begging her to jump into my arms, I woke up. Not something I enjoyed remembering throughout the whole day.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with my publisher and all night I dreamt of possible problems relating to my novel. The biggest difficulty was with words ending with 'ing'. For some strange reason, I had to change all words ending in 'ing'. Strange dream because of course I am worried about any mistakes in my manuscript of which I have no knowledge. Again, not a pleasant memory.

Consistently, I dream every night. Most nights my thoughts turn to good things; however, I do receive the dastardly nightmare from which thoughts turn throughout the next few days. One funny dream, which I can never forget, is that I wanted to cross a river which was filled with piranha. However, if I were to give each fish a bottle of beer (and it had to be a bottle), I would be allowed to cross. Crazy eh?

have fun,

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Finally Finished

I apologize for not writing in a while. Unfortunately, I have been suffering from a bout of depression. It was difficult getting over the last few weeks. Much effort was required to get through the day. Luckily, the mood has passed and I'm feeling happy again.

Finally, I have finished re-reading Locker Rooms and it is now ready to be published. I will be sending my manuscript via email tomorrow to the publisher. As I have been told, we will now work on the cover and get the style organized.

For some reason, the electric company informed us in this neighbourhood that they would be shutting down the electricity from 9:00 am for 6.5 hours today October 1st. It was odd waking up to silence. It was so quiet this morning though I did hear some mutterings from neighbours outside enjoying the lack of our most necessary resource. Nothing worked, of course. It's amazing to realize how much electricity is required in our lives. Everything is run by electricity.

Fortunately, I have a portable DVD player which runs for 6 hours on battery so I was able to watch a movie when I rose from bed. Not being able to make a cup of coffee was a little strange and a little difficult not having that morning rush of caffeine. In addition, my laptop has a battery for 3 hours so I was able to work on my novel, but it was weird not utilizing the Internet.

Just a note to those interested, I'm sleeping great. It is wonderful that I have been cured from my sleep problems with a simple manoeuver of blowing air into my nose as I sleep. I am so glad that I don't have to take more medications. Actually, I have reduced my drug intake by three pills which I used to take because of sleep disturbances. It's great just taking the only necessary pills now.

have fun,