Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Dreams, cont'd

I live a very solitary life. Writing is not a team occupation and, of course, I spend many hours alone. However, when I dream, I'm always with people in social surroundings. Usually, I have travelled somewhere and am involved with searching for places to visit while on my trip.

Many dreams have involved being in a foreign country and I am attempting to reach some place. In some of the dreams, I would plan to visit a friend who lives in a town in Israel called Rehovot. While I lived in Israel, I would often visit this friend and I would consistently get lost travelling there. I never remembered where to get off the bus and then where to walk. She lived in a complicated area for me to reach.

Well, in many dreams, I am trying to reach my friend in Israel, but I am presently located at the train station in Utrecht, Belgium. The streets I travel remind me of England and I constantly wonder if I should be taking the Tube (British subway) to my friend's house in Israel. Very confusing dream, eh?

Last night was a social dream. I dreamt I was at a camp with two groups of women. One group was made up of individuals who kept to themselves and didn't involve themselves in the happenings at the camp. The other group were successful, attractive women who had the Midas touch. These women did everything together and were having a wonderful time.

It was the first group I was involved; however, it was the second group to which I strived to be apart. However, when trying to get the attention of these women to join their group, everything becomes nasty and disagreeable. Some of the women berate me and treat me very unfairly. So, I awoke upset and a little frantic after spending my dream arguing and fighting. I never succeed when arguing with people. Funnily enough, I get tripped up by words.

Since I tend to dream every night and remember my dreams every morning, I could just write that here on my blog, but I won't bore you further with my night's adventures.

have fun,