Sunday, 27 October 2013

A Sport Filled Weekend

What a weekend for sports! On Saturday afternoon, I watched the Hamilton Ticats beat Montreal in the CFL (that's Canadian Football League). It was a very exciting game with lots of action and terrific plays. I do love it when the Ticats win. They made it into the playoffs which is great. I would love for the Ticats to win the Grey Cup.

Early Saturday evening, I enjoyed watching the Toronto Maple Leafs beat Pittsburg Penguins which is hockey. That was also a fun and exciting game to watch. It was wonderful to see Crosby shut down completely and unable to get a point. Leafs certainly played well.

After the hockey game, I watched the World Series. It is definitely entertaining and I enjoy playoff baseball. But it is so slow compared to hockey. I really don't care who wins, but I think I'd like St. Louis to beat Boston. And the Cardinals won the game so lead the series 2-1. I was happy.

Sunday rolls around and it's another exciting night of sports. First was the hockey game where the Leafs beat Anaheim in another good game. The first period has been uneventful as the goalies play well. The Leafs come alive halfway through the second period and then start scoring goals. It, therefore, becomes a successful and thrilling game. One player (Kessel) scored a hat trick which means 3 goals in one game. Everyone throws their hat onto the ice to celebrate.

Of course, a baseball game is played Sunday night. Unfortunately, it looks like St. Louis will lose this game to Boston and they did. Well, it is good the series is tied at 2; makes for a more exciting series.

So, a wonderful weekend of sports. Quite enjoyable. Though most men spend Sundays in front of the television to watch American football, the NFL. I might watch a few games now and then but not a big NFL fan. I prefer Canadian football. The difference between CFL and NFL is our players are white and small and our quarterbacks are Black which is the opposite with the NFL.

Hockey is really my favourite sport. I love watching those games and enjoy the thrill of the player's skating and scoring abilities. I can't skate at all so I have so much admiration for hockey players. It's fun to see plays become successful and the great saves by the goalies. It certainly is fun to watch and I don't know what I'd do without having hockey games to watch most nights. I even ordered and received the Leaf specialty channel so I don't miss a game.

have fun,