Tuesday, 22 October 2013


I'm a woman but I HATE shopping. I really have to be in the mood to shop and spend money which maybe occurs once every two to three years. Of course, I grocery shop more frequently but still I run in, get what I want, then run out. Usually, it takes me 15 minutes to grocery shop and I only go when I run out of milk or orange juice which I can't do without.

Last week, I was in the mood to go shopping. I needed to buy a printer. My old one had died when I had my old computer. When that computer died, I bought a laptop but refrained from buying a printer. When I required a page to print out, I just emailed what I needed to my parents who have a printer. Obviously, got tired doing that so decided to buy a printer.

Went to Staples who have a large collection of possible printers. Found a nice salesman to assist me. He easily explained to me the pros and cons of the many models. We choose the cheapest one for $40 which was on sale from $100. Most of the printers were in the $100 range but I don't need one with many bells and whistles; just the basic. I set up the printer yesterday and it works well. Successful shopping experience.

The salesman at Staples recommended I buy a cable to hook up the printer with the computer. When I opened the box of my new printer, Canon provided that cable. So I have to take back the other cable.

After Staples, I drove a block behind that store to Best Buy. They are one of the few stores which still have DVDs and Blu-ray for sale. I love to go there and pick out a few movies. You can get them cheap now. I still love buying movies. I have quite a collection. Probably over 300.

After a successful adventure reading over every title for sale in the movie section, I went to the clothes store. I needed a new dress for an event coming up and I wanted a new pair of pants. I really hate clothes shopping and definitely have to be in the mood. I'm not big on trying on stuff. I just want to buy the clothes then leave.

This time, as on every time, I grab a saleswoman and tell her what I need. I let her choose the clothes with, of course, comments from me. Once we find a number of clothes that I would like to wear, I try them on as fast as possible. Unfortunately, doing it that fast, you miss some things. The pair of pants I bought were too big for me which I noticed while trying to walk in them. I did like the dress I bought along with a black jacket which would go well with anything.

So, I have to return to the area where those stores are located (Meadowlands in Ancaster). All the stores are in the same area. I have to return the cable at Staples and I have to return the pants at the clothes store and get a smaller size. In addition, I have to return to Best Buy. Why? Because I found the movie Atlas Shrugged which is based on the novel by Ayn Rand which is one of my favourite. Now, I didn't know it came in three parts. I bought Part 1 and then had to go back for Part 2. Didn't know about Part 3 until I finished watching Part 2 and realized that the ending was missing. Damn eh?

This is another reason why I hate shopping: you always have to return to the stores. So hopefully today I will feel like it and I will return to those three stores to return my items and get Part 3.

have fun,