Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Ever wake up in the morning and wonder what happened? Those dreams which seem so real quickly dissipate when you enter consciousness and your eyes flutter open. Suddenly, a mix of reality and imagination slowly split into two. You realize that haunting dream was not real and life goes on. But that upsetting thought never quite leaves you and lingers all day. Sometimes, like a shooting arrow, a single thought enters your cluttered mind during the day and reminds you of last night's bad dream. Or, if you are lucky, you are reminded of a good dream which refreshes and invigorates you.

Over the last two nights, I have been dreaming unpleasant dreams. The other night, I dreamt that I was at the cottage with my parents and my brother and his wife. My mother just finished making a derogatory comment to my sister-in-law and then a huge mud slid enveloped the cottage. Suddenly, my dog and cat were missing and presumed dead. I searched and searched in the mud filled forest for signs of my pets. Finally, a woman found Emma, my cat, up a tree. As I was begging her to jump into my arms, I woke up. Not something I enjoyed remembering throughout the whole day.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with my publisher and all night I dreamt of possible problems relating to my novel. The biggest difficulty was with words ending with 'ing'. For some strange reason, I had to change all words ending in 'ing'. Strange dream because of course I am worried about any mistakes in my manuscript of which I have no knowledge. Again, not a pleasant memory.

Consistently, I dream every night. Most nights my thoughts turn to good things; however, I do receive the dastardly nightmare from which thoughts turn throughout the next few days. One funny dream, which I can never forget, is that I wanted to cross a river which was filled with piranha. However, if I were to give each fish a bottle of beer (and it had to be a bottle), I would be allowed to cross. Crazy eh?

have fun,