Saturday, 29 November 2014


With what's going on in Ferguson, Missouri, one can only review their own thoughts about prejudice. I don't know all the facts of the case except that Michael Brown had just robbed a convenience store before he was killed. He was unarmed, but did the police officer feel threatened? Why couldn't the cop shoot him in the leg? Why did he have to kill him?

The method of which many people in the USA behave doesn't help matters. Burning police vehicles and the personal businesses of people in their community is not the way to go about achieving their goals. Why do people feel the need to riot? Is that going to solve anything?

When I was fifteen, I begged my father for a ten speed bike. He told me to get a job and earn the money. So, I obtained employment as a cook in a restaurant. I don't know why they gave a kid the cooking job. I really didn't know what I was doing, but had a lot of fun and enjoyed working.

One Friday, my parents took off for the weekend leaving my brother and I alone in the house. Well of course I held a party. I invited everyone I knew especially the Manager and Assistant Manager of the restaurant because they were older and would bring booze. The party was a success and we all had a lot of fun.

My next workday was a Tuesday. The Manager ordered me into his office. Along with the Assistant Manager, they gave me a lecture about the fact that I don't need to work because I am Jewish and my parents have lots of money. It would be better that I relinquish the job to someone who needs the money.

Totally shocked by their attitude, I immediately left the restaurant never to return. I couldn't believe I had been fired because I was Jewish.

I wish that prejudice and racism would be eliminated on earth. I don't see the need to demean or hate someone just because they are a different religion, colour or sexual preference. I believe that everyone is equal. Only knowing more about someone would give you the right to dislike them. Otherwise, everyone has a right to live any which way they wish. No one should be allowed to take that away from them.

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Stories from Australia

One day, while in Australia where I spent a year in 1993, I was sitting on a bench near Manly Beach,  Sydney. A man with a television camera and another with a microphone came up to me. The guy with the microphone said, "Would you sleep with Robert Redford for a million dollars?" The movie Indecent Proposal had just come out. I said, "Hell I'd sleep with him for nothing."

At that time, I was working in a south Sydney factory for six months. When I went to work the next day, everyone and I mean everyone came up to me and told me that I had been on the news. My fifteen seconds of fame.

While in Australia, I sailed for a month on a private yacht up the east coast from Sydney to Cairns. There was me as first mate, the captain and owner of the yacht Mick and Emily who was the cook. I  really liked Mick and told Emily. One night, Mick and I got together. I was so happy and I couldn't wait to tell Emily. The next morning, as I was about to tell her, she said, "I know. You guys rocked the boat so hard I fell off the bunk."

After the sailing trip was over, I did some touring. I arrived in Townsville to visit an Aboriginal village where you could learn how to throw a boomerang and see a production of Aboriginal stories. I planned to stay in this simple B & B. When I arrived, I asked for a private room. The owner said  there was a nice woman from Switzerland who was in a room alone. She worried that the woman was lonely and could use with some company. Would I share a room with her? I declined because I had just lived in close quarters on a yacht and wanted some privacy.

The woman pushed and pushed for me to share a room with Ruth. Finally, after much cajoling, I agreed. I met Ruth and we hit it off immediately. We spent the next two days discovering Townsville and had a wonderful time. She was one the nicest and sweetest women I had ever met. We kept in touch for years.

I had a fantastic time in Australia. I even bungy jumped. I was terrified on the first jump so didn't remember the experience. So I went up and jumped again which I enjoyed tremendously. I also spent two months scuba diving in Whitsundays and Cairns. The Great Barrier Reef is incredible. Working  in the factory paid for the touring.

Anyone who wants to party and have fun, I recommend Australia. There is so much to do there and the weather is amazing if you like it hot.

have fun,

Saturday, 15 November 2014

I'm So Sorry

I'm so sorry. I published Locker Rooms way too quickly. I should have spent more time with the novel. I received it back from the American company and have been reading it over. I'm finding numerous mistakes. Once completed, I will send it to my wonderful editor. Unfortunately, he is very busy so will take some time to get it back.

When I finish with the editor's corrections, I will re-self-publish through Createspace. I will post the links to Amazon when its available. It will be a much better book, I promise.

At the moment, I have my poker tale finished and edited but it requires a lot of work. The premise is good but my writing needs some work. Since receiving that novel back from the editor, my writing has greatly improved. Blake is an excellent editor and I accept his corrections completely. So, one day, I will return to the poker book and finish it.

As you know, That Truthful Place, about ten children who develop telepathy and the course their lives take, has been published. I am waiting to receive my proof copy before I hand out the links. But that is coming out soon so I hope you'll look out for it.

I started and have almost finished my pirate book, The Discerning Heart, about a poor fisherman who steals a mermaid's fortune from a deserted island only to return to his village and take revenge on everyone who had wronged him. However, he ruins his life and returns to the mermaid having learnt that money doesn't buy happiness.

In addition, Devouring Time (previously known as the Package) is almost finished. Its about
an historic Canadian family, embroiled in the art world, who await the delivery of a mysterious package from their ancestor in England. This is my mystery novel. I know what I want to write. It's just a matter of writing it.

Finally, I have started about three other novels and I have ideas for two more. So, as you can see, I'm quite busy. I think I have enough work to last me the rest of my life. I don't understand how easy plots for novels come to me at this time of my life. Why didn't I think of them earlier? I have no answer for that, but I'm sure enjoying it now.

Check with me in a couple of weeks when I will be announcing the sale of That Truthful Place.

have fun,


Sunday, 9 November 2014

Big News

I have news.

I have been very unhappy working with my American publisher and I didn't know I could cancel my contract with them. My editor, Blake Atwood, is a fantastic guy. He seems to know everything so I asked him for advice.

I wrote him about my interest in ending it with iUniverse. He replied with an affirmative answer including a page from iUniverse's website advising the possibility of cancelling with them.

After publishing Shall We Chat? through Createspace (associated with Amazon), I had lots of trouble and the result wasn't that great. I was confused about the publishing aspect of the book business. Deciding I needed some help, I checked out a number of self-publishing companies. Most published for you in the $3,000 range. Well, that is way too much for me. iUniverse publishes for much cheaper so I decided to go with them for my next novel.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize the extent of their assistance. They don't review the whole book. They only read every few pages so they don't have a good knowledge of the book I'm publishing. They offer services like editing, book cover design, etc., but they are expensive. In addition, they do no marketing for you unless you pay them thousands of dollars.

My greatest concern with them dealt with selling my books at a signing, I bought the novel from iUniverse for almost cost. With the exchange rate and Chapter's 45% charge for every book I sold, I was losing money on every book I sold which, of course, bothered me to no end. I couldn't even break even this way. The people from iUniverse who I dealt with changed all the time and some I didn't like at all. I had to deal with a different person for every facet of my book.

With my third novel, That Truthful Place which will be available on Amazon next week, I self-published through Createspace. There are a number of steps you have to complete but they are basically easy and straight forward. I had no problems publishing that novel. In addition, the royalties are much much better than iUniverse and I can buy my books much cheaper so making a greater profit.

Tomorrow, I will be calling iUniverse to cancel my contract. I have noticed a few mistakes in Locker Rooms so I want to read it over. I will then have my editor go through the novel and correcting any problem areas. After I have corrected the mistakes in the manuscript, I will self-publish it on Amazon. This will take about a month but, as soon as it is ready for purchase, I will inform you.

I will blog about That Truthful Place as soon as Amazon informs me that the book is available.

have fun,

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Remembering the Day

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 is Remembrance Day. The day we remember every fallen soldier and honour the ones still guarding our country.

After the useless murders of Nathan Cirillo and Patrice Vincent, the people of Ontario are coming forward in great numbers to support our armed forces. The sale of poppies has exploded. No one wants to be seen without wearing a poppy.

The Ontario government will probably make November 11th a holiday which is great. Of course, it really doesn't make any difference for me, but I think everyone should have the day off and hopefully attend a Remembrance Day celebration. That day should be honoured.

I am not a fan of war. I will watch a war movie once, but never again no matter how good. I listen to the news twice a day (CHCH at noon and CTV at 6:00). I like to keep informed about worldly events. I don't enjoy hearing about some of the atrocities being committed in many countries. I wish I could do something but I know I can't. I must just put my trust in the world's armed forces and hope none will be killed for their efforts.

In 1982, I was in Israel during the war between Lebanon and Israel. I was living on a kibbutz about a thirty minute drive to the border with Lebanon. We were ordered to clean out the bomb shelters. The children came home from school and every man from the age of 18 to 55 was gone. The women stationed themselves by the one telephone in the common area to hear any news about their men.

War is hell. I never want to experience that again. The only benefit is that I understand better the situations occurring all over the world and especially in the Middle East.

Kevin Peter of Moterwriter has written a Revew of Locker Rooms. He has also published an Interview questioning me about my novel and life as an author. I hope you will enjoy it. Please pass on any comments.

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Monday, 3 November 2014

The Famous Wallendas

Last night, Nik Wallenda completed yet another amazing feat giving him his eighth and ninth Guinness World Records. He walked a tightrope from the Marina City Complex tower to the Leo Burnett tower in Chicago. An unbelievable sight. Then, just to make things a little more difficult, he walked blindfolded across a wire between the two Marina City towers. Something no one has ever done and I doubt will be repeated.

On June 15, 2012, Nik traversed a wire across the Niagara Falls. A truly fantastic exploit. He had to battle so much which he did bravely and with precision. Not high or difficult enough, the next year on June 23, 2013, he walked across the Grand Canyon with all its dangers.

Nik is one incredible fellow. To have the strength, conditioning and brilliant mindset to complete these amazing adventures, one can have only great respect for him. He is doing something no one else in the world is capable of doing. You can only admire him for living his dream. Who else would consider walking across a wire over such dangerous natural sights?

Nik said that the reason he did such remarkable acts was "To inspire people around the world to follow their dreams and never give up."

Well, he inspires me.

Never giving up is something I truly believe in. Everyone must follow their dreams no matter what it entails. You don't have to walk a wire to have dreams. No matter what you dream, you must reach for it and never give up.

I've always followed my dreams. Everything I do is because of a dream. I dream to travel which I've done and will continue to do. I dreamed of writing novels. And now I dream that people will read them and enjoy my thoughts. I love dreaming, I think life is forever interesting when you dream.

have fun,