Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Good Ole Hockey Game

Anybody have connections with the Toronto Maple Leafs? Could you get me tickets to a game?

Sorry to ask but I love hockey; especially Maple Leaf hockey, and I wouldn't even attempt to be able to afford the price of tickets to a game or somehow come across tickets for sale. The team is hot this year and I'm sure every seat is sold the minute they go on sale.

I've always been a big hockey fan but it's different this year. The Leafs are really fun to watch; even more so because they are winning their games. I have seen every Leaf game (I even subscribe to the Leaf T.V. channel) since the commencement of their exhibition games with the exception of the game against Calgary last Wednesday night which was also the final game of the World Series. Yeh Red Sox! Nice that they finally won at home.

Any way, I have been enjoying lots of hockey. The Leafs are very strong this year. Finally, they are shooting and scoring many times a game. It's great watching the players achieve and grow as a team; namely a guy named Reilly. Just a kid and playing so well. Their defence needs work. Too many shots by the opposing team on the goalie. Both goalies (Reimer and Bernier) have been fantastic. A hockey team can't win the Stanley Cup without good goalies.

Tonight, the Leafs play in Vancouver against the Vancouver Canucks. This should be a good game since the Canucks are a tough team. The Leafs will be tested and I wouldn't miss it. My father and I have a friendly bet about who will play in goal.

So, yes, I'm hoping the Leafs make it this year to the playoffs, but it is a long season. We can only watch and hope for the best.

have fun,