Monday, 18 November 2013

Poor Nelson Mandela

Poor Nelson Mandela. His quality of life must be horrendous. I feel so sorry for him. His former wife, Winnie Mandela, was reported as saying that he cannot talk any longer because he has tubes in his mouth which run down his throat. He is bedridden and even considered to be on life support. That is no way to live. Why are they keeping him alive?

Let the poor man die. He was one of the most influential people in history. A difficult life and an amazing career proves his value is far beyond anyone else. He is a person everyone should admire and wish to emulate but he is 95 years old now. His life is over. Let him die in peace and not keeping extending his life just because you can't bear him to die. He is dead. He is living dead.

I truly believe that everyone should have a choice about when to die. Everyone reaches a point in life when they would prefer to die quickly and pain free. I would. I don't want to spend many years suffering in a bed until I die. In addition, if I'm suffering horrendous pain, let me die. Don't extend my life.

My great aunt Helen died at 102 years old. She wouldn't let me call her old until she reached 100 years and, even then, she didn't like being call old. Helen spent her last few years sitting in front of nurses station with other half-dead patrons of the nursing home. All she did all day was sleep and wake up then sleep and walk up some more. That was no way to live. She couldn't read or watch television. There was nothing she enjoyed. Now luckily, she was never in any pain but I don't consider what she did as living.

Helen reached a point when she must have said enough is enough and she stopped eating. Two weeks later, she was dead. I give her a lot of credit but starving to death is not a preferred way to die.

Death is a difficult topic to discuss with anyone. Most people do not face the realistic adventure that death occurs to everyone. When Houdini died, he said he would come back and I truly believed he would, but he didn't. If Houdini can't come back, then no one can. I think when someone dies, we should have a big party to celebrate their life. Death happens so we must accept it and not mourn the person but be happy they lived.

have fun,