Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Giller

As a true Canadian author, I was drawn to the ceremony for the Giller Prize last night. What an affair! Every past winner of the Prize was in attendance. I just can't imagine being in a room that full of exalted writers. I wouldn't know what to say. "Do you know the Vulcan mind meld?" Would they know what I meant? Any trekkies out there??

Lynn Coady won for Hellboy. Congratulations to her. What a prestigious award to win. I'm sure the book will go flying off the shelves now. Definitely a great way to become known. She is now written into Canadian literary history. Imagine that!

All the short listed authors received a leather bound version of their novel. I would love that. But don't worry, I have no aspirations to the Giller Prize. My writing is not of that quality. I hope people will read and enjoy my work, but I don't expect any awards. I want to be someone you want to read because what I write is fun, adventuresome and interesting. Because its a unique story that you are compelled to read.

Locker Rooms' proofs will be sent to me soon. I have a couple of errors to address and then it will go into publication.

have fun,