Monday, 4 November 2013

Turning the Clocks Back

Last Saturday night was the time to turn our clocks back one hour in preparation for winter. Did you remember? I didn't. I left my home at 3:15 pm to meet my walking friend. We meet every Sunday at 3:30 pm with her dog and mine. As I drove to the park, the radio announcer reminded me that I was supposed to turn my clocks back which I had forgotten to do, and it was really 2:15 pm and, therefore, I was an hour early for my friend. I returned home and waited another 45 minutes until I left again for the park at the proper hour.

Of course, when I arrived home, I quickly toured the house and changed all the clocks. That was so funny that I forgot. I'm usually so good with these things. But, you have to complete tasks when you think of them or you will forget to do them which could cause important matters to be overlooked like changing your clocks.

I have to acknowledge Twitter. A good friend finally explained the site to me in such a way as I was able to understand it. I am now taking full advantage of all it has to offer. It is really an exciting endeavor. I am now able to reach out to people all over the world. Because of Twitter, I have made some wonderful contacts. Such interesting people to meet; impossible in real life.

As expected, my Leafs received a valuation lesson from the Canucks as they lost 4-0. They have a lot of work especially with two of their top players out who cover the centre position which is difficult to replace.

have fun,