Wednesday, 13 November 2013


With a huge sigh of relief and finally allowing myself to breathe again, this morning I received the two emails for which I have been waiting. Unfortunately, being bipolar, I cannot handle stress very well and patience is not one of my virtues. I don't like having to wait for anything. I'm pretty independent and, if there is something I want, I go out and get it right away. I don't wait for anything or anyone. However, one must become dependent on someone else to achieve some things; such as, publishing Locker Rooms.

Happily, I received the proofs for Locker Rooms from the publisher. I have to review the novel for any errors and corrections. The cover is great though I made a suggestion to the publisher to better it. The cover team will work on it. The back looks great. They wrote the blurb (that's what I call it) about the novel and I like it. Much better than anything I could have written though parts of it are my words.

The interior work is incredible. The font and style of words looks great. It looks like a real book.

The second and, in a way, the most important email I was waiting to receive arrived this morning. A man whom I am considering hiring as my publicist was given Locker Rooms to read last week. He said he would reply in 24 hours but that time came and went with me worried. I was terrified he would reply that the novel wasn't any good and he couldn't represent me. I know, I think the worst, but that's part of a bipolar make-up.

I thought Mark would only read the first couple of chapters; however, he was on page 120 when he wrote me and he said he was looking forward to reading more. He likes Locker Rooms and my style. Whew, what a huge relief. He likes it! I'm just so glad. He is the first one to read the finished product.

My life will hopefully now get busy and have a purpose: to tell the world about Locker Rooms.

have fun,