Friday, 8 May 2015


When we were kids, we hardly ever went out for dinner. When we did, it was to celebrate something special. When my parents were kids, they never ate out at restaurants. Well time's have changed.

We now go out to dinner quite frequently and it is no longer something special. Well, it's always special to me. I love eating restaurant food and I have a few favourite places in my city.

My favourite place is La Luna. The chefs are Lebanese and serve middle eastern food. And the food is absolutely fantastic. I must have eaten everything on their menu. There have two restaurants. One is in downtown Hamilton. The other is on the mountain which is ten minutes from where I used to live. So when I lived on the mountain seven years ago, I would order from La Luna every two weeks. Their staff is the best: the friendliest and nicest people.

My next favourite restaurant is a Japanese place owned and run by Koreans. These Koreans are the nicest people I've ever met. I've learned some Korean so that I may thank them for their meals. Joya Sushi serves the best sushi and I love their beef teriyaki. There is also an assortment of Korean dishes which are delicious.

Yesterday, I had my favourite lunch at the Indian restaurant. India Village serves a special lunch which comes on a metal tray like you get in the army but in each place is a lovely variety of Indian food such as an appetizer like onion bhaji, a main dish with a few pieces of butter chicken, a salad, a side vegetable dish and a small sweet ball for dessert. It's absolutely delicious and very healthy.

Another favourite restaurant is Bangkok Spoon. They provide delicious Thai food. Their fresh spring roll is absolutely fantastic. They also have a great variety of beef, chicken and seafood dishes. Had a few and enjoyed every one.

As you can tell, I like ethnic foods. I love to eat things I could never make for myself. I also enjoy spices. When I travelled to different countries, it was so much fun trying their native foods. I could eat my way around the world!!

Where do you like to eat? What are your favourite foods? Leave me a comment.

have fun,