Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Ever try to reach a real person from some of the large companies? Usually you dial a 1-800 number and then spend 10 minutes (or longer) going through menus. Either you speak a word or you press a number and then another number and then another to reach a live person who can help you with your problem. Isn't it a frustrating venture?

Try and find the telephone number for Ticketmaster! There is no telephone number listed anywhere on their website.

So, I turned to the little icon I have at the top of my computer screen which allows me to look up telephone numbers. I searched Ticketmaster and received many different telephone numbers to call to attempt to find someone to help me. I had bought tickets to take my nephews to a Blue Jay baseball game in August and was having trouble printing them out from online so I was hoping to speak to someone who could have the tickets sent to me via snail mail.

Starting with the first site that the Yellow Pages provided me, I began calling the Ticketmaster telephone numbers down the list. Two number startled me with an extremely loud blast of a ring tone. Another two didn't have anyone answering at all.

Finally, at the sixth telephone number, I made my way into the Ticketmaster system only to be told by a computer voice that I had to call another number to reach customer service. I called that the new number to finally reach a real person. I was a little frustrated by this point so when I heard his voice I bluntly and directly exclaimed my difficulties in reaching a real person at Ticketmaster. The man said he would make a note of this then kindly transferred me to the proper number and customer service.

I must have waited at least 15 minutes before the customer representative came onto the line. While waiting, I had to listen to this loud French music which seemed bizarre coming out of a Ticketmaster site.

Finally, when I was talking to a real woman, she quickly and easily organized my baseball tickets to be sent to my house. All that phoning and waiting and dialing, etc., for a five minute call. Whew, I'm exhausted, but so happy my problem has been solved.

Anybody else have stories? I'm sure you do. Leave a comment and tell me.

have fun,