Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Contined from Yesterday

What a debacle yesterday was for me. As I left it with you, I was able to get in touch with another doctor in the sleep disorders clinic and was waiting for them to call with the news that they had found my chart and solved the prescription problem.

Well, believe it or not, but my vacationing sleep doctor called me from his private cell phone. He informed me that he had received notice that there was a problem with my prescription. He would immediately call the place where I get my cure and then call me back. It happened just as he said. He called back to inform me that Vital Air (where I get the cure for my severe sleep apnea) has received all the information that they need to find the proper cure.

It was the fault of the doctor that I lost my appointment yesterday. He forgot to fill in all the information in the forms provided by Vital Air. He explained that he had not only provided them with all the numbers they needed, he had also given them his cell phone number in case of any further problems. He has made up for his mistake and I appreciate what he did for me.

So, the first appointment I could get will be for next Tuesday. Another week of intense dreams and bad sleep. I can get through this. I just couldn't wait another three weeks. That would have killed me. Now that I know what is wrong with me and that there is something simple that can basically cure me, I can't sleep for excitement.

If I am allowed to sleep undisturbed in the morning, I usually remember my dreams but, this morning, I received some early telephone calls which knocked the dreams out of my head. My dreams are incredible. They are stories which have no ending. I always wake up before I can think of the ending. But, they are very interesting usually dealing with travel; such as, being in a foreign place and trying to get around. I always wish I could just copy those dreams onto paper.

I mix up places in my dreams. I may dream of trying to arrive at my friend's home in Israel, but I'm in the train station in Belgium and then I pass through a mall in Canada. Crazy eh? Actually, I have many dreams about travelling to my friend's in Israel. I always got lost going to her house even when I lived there. To this day, I could not draw a map to her home.

Sarah was an amazing woman. She and her husband came on sabbatical here in Hamilton when I was a teenager and we were able to meet her then as she worked with my father. When I arrived in Israel, I always had Sarah as a back-up in case of any problem. To me, she was a grandmother, mother, mentor, best friend, advisor, and therapist. I treasured her advice and her friendship. I learned so much from her especially cooking wonderful foods which she did so well. I often feel lost without her. After I had returned to Canada, I kept in touch with her by phone for many years until she died from complications of diabetes. That poor woman suffered with diabetes for many years. I remember watching her give herself Insulin injections.

It is important to remember people like that in your life when the days aren't so good. They remind us how special we are to have known such a person and how necessary it is to continue following their advice.

have fun,