Thursday, 18 July 2013


I only have to wait five days until I will be able to have a normal night's sleep. I have been considering how long it has been since I woke up refreshed. Maybe 30 years? I started taking sleeping pills when I was 13 years old. The medications I take for my bipolar have a side effect of drowsiness. However, none of that leads to a good night's sleep because I have sleep apnea and I have finally been diagnosed.

When I drag myself out of bed at around 11:00 p.m., I don't feel refreshed or rested. I feel exhausted. I live for the cup of coffee in the morning to help me wake-up. Mulling inside my head are the vivid dreams I had. Last night, I was looking after a neighbour's cats. He was always going away and I was getting tired looking after his cats. (The neighbours on my street have either dogs or nothing. I don't know anyone with cats.)

Right now, it is 1:30 p.m. and I feel exhausted. I have absolutely no energy (except for maybe playing in a poker tournament or writing). I am able to write at times like this; obviously. Actually, I'm feeling somewhat creative but don't ask me to get up!

Imagine, in five days, I will finally be able to sleep.

have fun,