Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Tonight I Sleep

It is a wonderful day. I received my CPAC machine this morning. It is about the size of a cable tv box. I have to add distilled water to it every night. There is a rubbery device which is placed over my nose and straps to hold it in place around my head. I didn't find it uncomfortable. I will have to remember to always breathe through my nose though I think I do that already.

The appointment progressed well as I was immediately shown a video describing sleep apnea and the CPAC machine which cures this problem. I had no questions by the end of the session as everything was explained very well. I have another appointment with them next week to see how it's going.

In addition, I was told that I will be going through another sleep lab after I have been on the machine for a while to test its usefulness. I will remember to take a picture of myself when I have all the electrodes on me so you can see how funny I look.

I have received the editorial report from the publishers concerning my book Waiting for Love Online. There are one or two major problems which will require me to go back and edit the novel from the beginning. I have written the publisher asking her if she thinks there is any point rewriting it. I am prepared to rework it but I don't want to go to the trouble if it won't sell. But I learnt a lot about myself from the editorial report.

In another day or two and I will have finished my fourth book That Truthful Place about children who develop telepathy and the course their lives take. I will then print it out and read it over in time. It needs to rest for a little while especially if I have to rewrite Waiting for Love Online.

I will write tomorrow hopefully describing a good sleep.

have fun,