Sunday, 11 August 2013

What a Saturday!

Of course, I brought my CPAC machine to my brother's home because I was staying the night and I'm pleased to report that I had a good night's sleep which was necessary for me to be able to handle Saturday. My brother's house has a wonderful Queen size bed hidden away in the basement away from all the noises of the house which I appreciated.

It is wonderful staying at my brother's house but it is small for their two dogs, two kids and of course one wife. There is lots of movement of which I am not used to. I live very quietly alone in my house with my dog and cat who are as relaxed as I am. But it was definitely a nice change even for one night.

On Saturday, I took my nephews to their first baseball game. It was a bit of a disaster. I had asked my brother drive us early enough to the game so that we could watch the naming of the players and for the national anthem. Not only did we miss that, we missed a home run.

When we finally arrived, the boys wanted to get something to eat so we got hot dogs, popcorn and something to drink which added up fast to $40. (My brother gave me $40 to pay for food but I didn't expect it to be gone so quickly.)

I was lucky enough to get some great seats. We were 11 rows from the field along the third base line. It's a great place to sit because you can see the field well and realize how fast those balls are thrown. Both my elder nephew, Aidan, and I enjoyed the game. I continually explained the game to them and especially the younger one, Liam, who was happy as long as he had something to eat. Once he had ran out of food, he wished to leave which we did.

Before leaving the stadium, we all had to use the washrooms. I let Liam and Aidan go in the men's washroom and I went into the women's. When I exited the women's washroom, neither Liam nor Aidan were there. I had lost them both. I walked around a bit looking for them but they were no where to be seen. After some terrifying moments, I found Aidan but Liam was lost. We must have spent 15 minutes looking for him. Suddenly, Aidan's cell phone rang and we were told the security people had picked him up and he was waiting for us. With great relief, we were escorted to Liam who was happy with the pencil and colouring book the security people game him.

You can imagine the terror I was feeling while looking for Liam. Finally my brother and sister-in-law had allowed me to take their children somewhere and I lose them. I hope I am allowed to do other things with them after this fiasco. Once Liam had been found, we took a taxi to where my brother and his wife were having lunch. I was so glad to return the children to their parents' care. They didn't seem too upset that I had lost their child.

Unfortunately, there were two accidents on the highway on the way home to Hamilton so the 50 minute drive took an hour and a half by bus. Boy, was I glad to arrive home. I picked up some sushi on the way home and was glad to enter my own, quiet home. My dog is visiting with my parents but I had left Emma, my cat, alone in the house. My neighbour came over to feed her in the morning which I appreciated. Emma was so happy to see me. I don't think she likes being left alone and I can't blame her.

Today, it is tennis. I saw Serina Williams win the women's tournament (there is really no woman capable to test Williams) and now I'm watching Nadel (who I usually root for) and Roanic who is Canadian and I have to cheer for him. This is some great tennis. Wonderful way to relax after the crazy couple of days I had.

have fun,