Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Garbage Day

The greatest day of the week for me is Tuesday which is garbage day. I tend to leave things lying around the house all week and then on Monday, I spend the day gathering up all the plastic take-out trays, the plates, the recyclables, and the general garbage. On Monday night, I put out the blue recyclable boxes and our only one bag allowed of garbage. It is so wonderful to have a neat and organized house. All that eye sore is gone without too much bother. You just put it on the curb and miraculously it disappears leaving your house clean. I just love this miracle of the civilized world.

One thing happened that was quite surprising while watching the garbage men arrive to dispose of our messes. The garbage man picked up my bag of garbage and threw it into the middle of the road while he waited for machine to crush all the bags presently stuffed into the back. I was so surprised he did this and I held my breath in case the bag broke. I know he wouldn't be cleaning up the mess even if he made it.

Luckily, the bag didn't break and I watched as it was thrown in the back and taken away. How lovely. I love garbage day.

A friend came over to visit and I bounced ideas off him to assist me in completing my sixth book: The Package which may or may not be the final title. The plot is about an eccentric, Canadian family who is embroiled in the art work and await the delivery of a recently revealed package from their ancestors in England. Each member of the family is involved with a different branch of art; such as, collector, gallery owner, insurance, legal, agent or an artist. It is fun to write though I think it might make a better play. The whole novel takes place in two rooms of the family mansion. Still haven't figured out how to end it but I'm sure it will come to me.

have fun,