Friday, 9 August 2013

A Day of Travel

To get to Toronto and my brother's house today, I used almost every form of transportation. I received a lift from my good neighbour in her car to the bus station. From there, I took a bus to the next town over because the train doesn't come into Hamilton except on rush hour. The train from Aldershot is nice but you stop at every station along the way. I haven't been on a train in a while and tried to work, but couldn't handle the motion of the train while writing. So, turned off my computer and just enjoyed the countryside and cities which we passed along the way.

When I arrived in Toronto, I had a hell of a time walking through the main station to find the subway which is in the same place if you can find it. So, walking a ways, I found my way to the subway. It costs $3 to take the subway now. I remember when it was $1.25. I had to take the University line to the intersection of Yonge/Bloor and then I had to find the subway train that goes east. I had a little bit of a difficult time managing to find that subway stop which I did in due course after making a few wrong turns.

The subway was packed as I had arrived during the beginning of rush hour, but luckily it moved quickly and, in 20 minutes, we arrived at the Victoria Park station where I got off. Then, after getting confused again, I found my way to the street and located a taxi to take me to my brother's home. There was a ton of construction going on in my brother's neighbourhood and the taxi driver had a tough time getting me here which he did finally.

My brother was at home when I arrived and I quickly managed to get outside for some air and to relax without motion. It's amazing how dizzy you can get from travelling. Boy it's nice sitting outside. My brother and I had an opportunity to catch up before his wife and two children returned from shopping for new clothes and such for school. While the boys change and get organized. my brother is making dinner and I'm sitting in the backyard writing this.

I have almost finished re-reading over my novel: Locker Rooms which I will be forwarded to the publisher hopefully early next week.

Tomorrow, I'm taking my nephews to their first baseball game. Should be fun!

have fun,