Saturday, 24 August 2013

It's the Weekend again

Boy is time every flying by but, in a profession such as writing where you do a lot of waiting, this can only be good for me. I am waiting for the editor at the publisher's to get back to me when the evaluation is complete. It is exciting to learn what they think of your novel. Their opinion is very important because they know what people are looking for in a good read. I hope Locker Rooms meets with their approval.

Locker Rooms has many interesting twists and turns which I hope will encourage people to read it. I make up a few scenarios which are truly unique; such as, the main character, Alida, convinces a convict on death row to take a message for her to Satan. Yes, I have included the great devil in my novel who tempts Alida away from her good work.

In addition, Alida successfully survives a few tragedies which are described in detail in the novel. I hope I have well developed her relationships with the many people she meets in her exciting adventure. There is much symbolism in the novel which I hope are easily recognizable.

I am also waiting to hear from Chapters in Meadowlands, Ancaster. I received an email from the employee there who manages the books in the store. Hopefully, she will be in contact with me soon to let me know when I should bring over some copies of my book: Shall We Chat? to be sold in Chapters. She was on holiday for a week so I'm sure she's behind.

The weather has been fantastic and I'm hoping this summer never ends.

have fun,