Thursday, 27 June 2013


For my pleasure, when I look out my home window, I see nothing but green. A variety of bushes and different types of trees shadow my backyard which are a bright green. Green is my second favourite colour; first being blue, so I love seeing green. It calms and relaxes me. I love going to my parents' cottage up north around the Huntsville area. It is so green there, but a three hour drive north.

My family has been going to this cottage since 1975 when it was just a piece of land. The cottage was built by a master craftsman who unfortunately died a few years later from cancer. He was definitely a lovely man. And he did a great job building the cottage which is basically a living room, dining room and kitchen all open in a row and then two bedrooms and a bathroom.

There is no internet or television at the cottage. Nor are there a microwave, washer or dryer. It is a very simple place. Yes, we have a canoe, kayak and small fishing boat. There are also numerous games to play or books to read while there. I always bring up a pile of books to read. It is also a wonderful place to write. I am so creative up there (probably because I don't have a tv!).

The cottage is surrounded by forest so surrounded by green. There also is the exquisite view of the beautiful, blue lake. The cottage is 75 feet from the pristine lake and the cool waters are a wonderful and refreshing sensation on hot and humid days. The small lake is pretty clean. We don't drink the water anymore but, if you swallow a mouthful, you are safe. It is fantastic swimming at the lake which is a pleasure I partake of numerous times a day.

Because it is a cottage, you eat simple meals. Most dinners are barbequed food which is simply delicious up there. Food, for some reason, tastes better up north. We go to town once a week to do the grocery shopping. Otherwise, we rarely go into town.

We are starting the summer and I am hoping to go up there. It is not that easy for me to go up anymore. Unfortunately, I cannot go up with my parents. I love them but we can't live together anymore. I don't want to go up alone because it would be too lonely. Without the internet, I would find it very isolating. You have never heard silence until you have been up there.

So, I have to wait to find a friend who will go up with me. I have two possibilities at the moment and I hope both or, at least one, pans out. Wish me luck! All I can do is hope.

have fun,