Saturday, 22 June 2013


As we get older, I think you begin to appreciate what family you have in your life. My brother and I were estranged for a few years. We have been talking more recently and I will be taking my nephews to their first baseball game in August. I love baseball (I love all sports) and I'm not able to frequent many games. It will be nice introducing my nephews in a new sport.

On Friday, I had lunch with my parents and my aunt and uncle whom I haven't seen in a few years. It was good to see them looking so well, but I was reminded why we haven't seen each other in a while. I think it would be best to keep distance.

But decided to email my cousin, their daughter. She called me Friday night. It was a rare time for her since her husband was away from home and the kids were out for the night. It was so good to talk to her. We spoke openly and honestly with each other. We truly shared which has brought us so close. She lives in Boston, Mass., and it won't be possible to meet any time soon but we considered taking a trip to the Bahamas together. That would be so much fun. We'll see.

The daughter of my father's brother is also a close friend. She lives in Venice, California, and again I don't see her often but we keep in contact with phone calls and email. I have always felt that Joy was more my sister than cousin. We look like sisters. She is a wonderful woman whose intelligence never ceases to amaze me. I have so much respect for her. Luckily, we are close and I know I will be seeing her soon. Hopefully, she will make a trip up this way soon.

My family is spread out all over Canada. I have cousins in the Maritimes and cousins out west in Alberta. I haven't seen them in ages which makes it difficult to keep in touch.

I have realized how important family is at this stage in life. I don't have many close friends and the two closest live in England. Both my cousins make my life better even though they too can't meet me for coffee or a movie. I'm just appreciative they are in my life.

have fun,