Thursday, 6 June 2013


I received an annoying telephone call this morning from a telemarketer waking me up. I had been having a nice interesting dream about being with people and our pets. A woman was having problems and needed someone to look after her dog. I had to take a long drive to reach her. Don't remember much more. Telephone ring interferred with remembering that dream.

After the call, I went back to sleep and it was a restless, anxious dream. I was frantically trying to figure out different ways to get noticed so people will learn about my book Shall We Chat? My unconscious mind went through many scenarios. It became so intense that I was stressing out. Woke up feeling out of sorts.

I haven't written anything in my blog for a while because I am suffering from severe insomnia. Tried everything and many different medications. Nothing works or had bad side effects from the drug. I didn't sleep Thursday night and went to bed at 11 pm Friday. Didn't sleep Saturday night but finally slept at 10 pm Sunday night. But then I also didn't sleep Monday night. Finally slept early on Tuesday night. Slept also last night and woke up at a decent hour this morning. It is wonderful sleeping two nights in a row.

Yes, I've called the doctor. Waiting for his return call.

But, I finally have wonderful news. Something to write about. The local Dundas Star News is printing an article about me and my book. Here is the article:

Isn't this wonderful? I'm finally getting out there. I have been very discouraged which is another reason why I didn't write in my blog.

Another wonderful event is that Bryan Prince Books in Westdale, Hamilton, will carry my book. I am taking over a few copies hopefully today.

So, finally, I'm happy again. Things are looking up!

have fun,