Saturday, 12 April 2014

New York City cont'd

I arrived into NYC in heavy rain on Monday, April 7th. It was pouring hard during the whole bus ride from JFK to the City. Thanks to the internet, I learned that the airport has a specialty busy for the price of $29.00 round trip, I was given a ride from the airport to the Port Authority which is 10 minute drive by taxi to my cousin's home where I had planned to stay during my visit.

Since it was getting dark (I had arrived into the City at 6:30 pm) and because of the unpleasant rain, I didn't get a good picture of the New York. I was tired and a little shell shocked. I just wanted to get to my cousin's place as quickly as possible. My cousin, Kathy, who was at work, left an envelope with the doorman with instructions and the keys to her apartment. With some difficulty, I finally succeeded in working the locks and entered Kathy's gorgeous place. I was told to make myself at home which I did happily prepared to begin my holiday.

Kathy's father was my grandmother's brother. We have not seen each other for many years. Her mother, when she was alive, would come regularly to Canada to visit with her sisters-in-law after her husband died. After my grandmother died, Kathy's mother continued to visit with Helen, my great aunt, who lived to the ripe old age of 102. Kathy's mother was wonderful to Helen who appreciated her warmth and kindness. Kathy accompanied her mother several times; however, I am speaking about a time long gone by. And, unfortunately, I wasn't around for most of those visits and the last time Kathy was here, I wasn't well so didn't really get a chance to know her.

Well, I got to know her well this trip after staying with her for five days. I feel so honoured and lucky to have her as a relative. She is such a wonderful person. Her parents were fantastic people which is obviously hereditary. She gave me free reign while visiting which was great because I felt very much at home which only added to the perfection of the trip.

I did take a picture of Kathy but I'm sure she wouldn't want me to post it here. So I will finish off Monday by saying I arrived safely without any difficulties and I easily fell asleep excited for Tuesday which was the date I was meeting my friend Roni from England who was in NYC at that time too.

Check my blog tomorrow for the next installment of my trip.

have fun,