Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Yoga tonight

Finally, Shall We Chat? Revealing the Secrets of Chatting Online passed the review process and I was able to spend the night editing and proofing my book again. I uploaded the new version and hopefully it will muster the test. I will be able to proof read it again tomorrow. This is painstaking work. I haven't concentrated so hard since I was in university. Definitely mental gymnastics.

 Now I have to just sit back and wait to hear back from Amazon. You do a lot of waiting in this business. I waited weeks and months to hear back from publishers and agents. Rarely did the agent ever return an email. Do they just delete them all?

The publishers make you wait two to three months just to receive a reply that your book isn't right for their firm. Do they have to make you wait so long? Maybe they need to hire more editors!

At the moment, I'm also waiting to hear from my editor about my second book, Waiting for Love Online. It is a non-fictional account of my year long internet relationship with a Canadian Naval sailor. Hopefully, there will not be too many corrections. I plan to publish this book upon completion.

Last year, one publisher did offer to publish my first book, Locker Rooms, but he demanded I buy 50 books upon publishing for the full price plus the price of shipping them to my house. Also, the royalties were low and I was only to be paid twice a year. As an unpublished author, the contract looked like water in a desert but I declined. In addition, I had read some bad reviews about the firm.

I am so much happier self-publishing through Amazon and Createspace. The experience has been completely and absolutely free and as simple as can be. It is a lot of work and responsibility to self-publish, but I think this is the best option for me. I am pleased with what has been achieved so far.

Tonight, my friend Yoko is taking me to her yoga class. I have been once before. I found it hilarious but a good workout. I was sweating. Since I am still flexible, I was able to complete most of the poses but it's not as easy as it looks.

At the beginning and end of each class, people lie on the mats with a blanket over them and a pillow under their heads and knees. Now my friend, who is as active as a hummingbird (and looks like one), falls asleep and begins to snore. During the "sleep" after the class, I looked over at Yoko and also the other people in the room which reminded me of dead bodies and I began to laugh. I did my best not to make a sound; the room was silent, but my body shook in laughter. I hope I don't laugh tonight.

have fun,