Sunday, 19 May 2013

Mother's Day

I know Mother's Day was last Sunday but I appreciate my mother more this Sunday. All my life, my mother and I have been battling. Just different personalities and one was very sick; that being me. My poor mother had a difficult child on her hands while her husband was always busy working. Now, my mother is not the easiest person to live with and we have agreed we will never live together again, but we do end up spending more time together due to various reasons.

Last Wednesday, my mother and I went to the Shaw Festival at Niagara-on-the-Lake. My father bought tickets for the play Lady Windemere's Fan but was unable to attend so I went with my mother. I must say the play lacked, but that was the best time my mother and I ever had together. I know she enjoyed my company and I certainly enjoyed hers. No fights. No arguments. Just friends hanging out together.

And today, my mother and I were sitting in her backyard just having coffee after dinner and we had an enjoyable conversation. It was pleasant being with her and just talking. It is almost as if our relathionship has changed somehow by magic. I love my mother dearly but there have also been times when I hated her but she is my mother and the only one I've got or would ever want (unless Judi Dench becomes free).

Well, better late than never. It would be great if my mother and I can keep up this friendship. I moved four years ago to live closer to them so it would be easier to connect. For a while. I regretted this destination, but now I am content and pleased that I made the right decision. I do live in a lovely place which is quiet (necessary for a writer) and lovely (great to see nature for the mood).

So as we say goodbye to Sunday, I am a happy person. I'm doing what I love and I am loved which is a wonderful feeling. I am a lucky woman.

have fun,