Friday, 17 May 2013

Boo Hoo Friday

Friday has come again so quickly. I cannot believe the week is over. Time seems to be flying by. Just when I think it's time to do the laundry (I only do it on weekends with cheaper hydro), it's time again. It is almost possible to blink your eyes and the week is over. I can't even remember everything I did this week.

Today was a good day. Both Kira (my dog) and Emma (my cat) were lucky enough to visit the vet today for their shots and to be checked out. I thought Kira would be more relaxed having Emma in the examination room, but no. She was terribly stressed out and very unhappy to be at the vet. She wined, barked, and couldn't sit still. Whereas, Emma seemed quite content to just smell around the room and hang out until the vet arrived.

Both are healthy and unhappily received their shots. They are doing very well for their ages. Kira is 13 and Emma is 19. Both are showing signs of age but I will let then grow old naturally. Emma would be impossible to feed pills to if she needed them so best just let her be. Kira is much easier to medicate and I give her one pill a day to ward off arthritis which she may get in her knee because it was operated on two years ago. No problems now luckily.

Sold another book! It's exciting when someone buys my book and then I know they are going to read what I have written. It makes me feel so good that people are interested in my books.

I have three weeks to finish my fourth book. I am dedicating it to my nephew who turns 13 years old in three weeks. The novel is about 10 children who, when they turn 13, fall into a coma from which they awake with the ability of telepathy. It is a story about how these children come together and how they react to life. I plan to give Aiden a copy of my book in manscript form as a present. Obviously, it will be one of a kind because what can you get kids these days? They have everything. I hope he will agree that this is a special present.

A long weekend ahead so plenty of time to write and write I will. Of course, a poker tourney will insert itself into the day when I need a break from writing. Weather should be great. Enjoy everyone!

have fun,