Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Seat Belts

I took part in a telephone survey today conducted by the health department. One question the questioner asked which is reverberating in my head was the discussion over seat belts. Of course, while driving, I always wear my seat belt. And, of course, I always wear my seat belt in the passenger seat. However, I was asked, "Do you wear a seat belt in a taxi?" Amazingly, I answered, "Never."

Do you wear a seat belt while taking a taxi? I took many taxis during my trip in New York City and I remembered being terrified most times as those cab drivers swerved in and out of the traffic and sometimes at such high speeds that I commented to one cabbie who had asked how long was the flight from Toronto to New York and that he would make it faster by car.

And I never wore a seat belt. If we had been in an accident in New York City, I would be dead. I don't take many taxis in my city. Once in a blue moon and one such time occurred a couple of months ago when I had an appointment with a doctor at the downtown hospital. As discussed in an earlier blog (Hospitals), parking is dear and I knew my appointment would be brief. My mother kindly drove me to the appointment and I took a cab home. And no, I didn't wear a seat belt.

After seeing so many horrendous motor vehicle accidents showcased on TV where the occupants refrained from buckling their seat belts. There is proof that you have more of a chance to survive an accident if you are belted in. I will have to rethink that issue of seat belts in taxis.

My book signings have been going well. Last week, I was in the Indigo Burlington store on Brant Street. Really nice store and I had a successful signing. Next week, I will be in Chapters Erin Mills. Check the link for the address. I hope you will come out. I'd love to sign a copy of Locker Rooms for you.

have fun,