Friday, 16 May 2014


How did you adopt your dog? That's a burning question every dog owner loves to answer. Everyone has a story about how they met their new buddies: at the SPCA, at a kennel, from the newspaper, a stray, from a friend, or your child who couldn't look after him any further. No matter how you were lucky enough to come across your new pet, they quickly become part of our lives.

After I had rented a house in Hamilton, I decided it was time to adopt a dog. I had been living in a variety of apartment buildings all my life but, as soon as I had a backyard, a dog was in order. After checking out the SPCA for several weeks, I turned to the newspaper one day while on my lunch break from work.

In one ad, the newspaper announced a puppy for free. As soon as I returned to work, I called the number associated with that ad. Amazingly enough, the puppy was still available. Usually, an ad for a free puppy went at 8:00 a.m.  I couldn't believe my luck. I agreed to meet with the owner after work.

When I arrived at the owner's house, I had to turn my car around to park in front of her house where she was sitting with the free puppy. I was driving a Honda Civic manual and I stalled the car a few times as I turned around causing fear to appear on the face of the dog's owner. But I was in shock by the sweetness of the puppy. It was love at first sight.

The owner knew nothing about dogs. She said Kira (the woman had named her Sheeba but I quickly changed it to Kira who soon learned her new name) was a cross between a poodle and a lab. I was so surprised. She has some lab like qualities in the colour of her fur and its thickness around the neck, but there was no poodle in her. She had a curly tail and a terrier face. She was obviously a mixture of many breeds.

As I approached the woman, the adorable puppy scampered over to greet me warmly. She was a sweet, lovely puppy but on a long, old rope. Again I was surprised when the woman wouldn't allow Kira to approach another dog who was passing by. Then the woman gave Kira a dog cookie made for a much bigger dog. All Kira did was bury it.

I informed the woman that I wished to take Kira for a walk to see what she is like. The woman was surprised. She had never taken Kira for a walk although she was a year old. It seems that Kira was kept tied up in the backyard. She wasn't even housebroken. It took me two days to housebreak her.

Obviously Kira enjoyed going for a walk and smelling new smells. I knew immediately that I couldn't leave Kira with this woman and I had to take her home with me. Kira was terrified after being put in the car, but she soon learned to love it.

Two days after the adoption, I took Kira for an off leash walk in a beautiful wooded area known as Churchill Park in a lovely residential area which leads to the university. The path winds its way around through two towering hills on either side. Perfect place for Kira's first real walk. The poor thing thought she had died and gone to heaven after being allowed to wander around free. The rope that had been around her neck was fitted ever so tightly and it required hard work with scissors to free her of it. She much prefers her new collar.

Kira is now 14 years old and below are a couple of pictures. She lives a very good life. She loves to go for walks and rides in the car. I'm home most of the time and I usually take her with me when I go out. She is loved and has blossomed into a wonderful pet.

have fun,