Friday, 14 February 2014

Review of Locker Rooms

Thought maybe you'd like to read a review of Locker Rooms from Palmetto Review:

Locker Rooms by author Patty Lesser, inducts readers into the phantasmagorical world of
central character Alida; she is the good hearted but worldly, heroine of this
fascinating paranormal romance. Alida is a well -devised character , she is
generous natured, resilient and compassionate, readers will find themselves
interested in her as a character and wanting to follow her adventures to the

Alida would seemingly make her a good catch for any man however, she is also no spring
chicken, and suffers from an illness that keeps her somewhat aloof when it comes
to being in any loving relationship. Nevertheless, a sudden change of luck
brings her unexpected wealth, which leads to her being able to achieve some of
her life-long dreams especially ownership of her dream house, which she seems to
beckon her to buy it.  Not long after Alida obtains her dream house she finds
that there is something special, strange, and mysterious about the house.
Once Alida moves into her dream house, her unfettered explorations bring her to a
peculiar hidden room containing lockers, where she makes a surprising discovery
that brings her face to face with a host of lost souls, the purest of evil,
death, life after death and eventually  a different kind of love. 
I enjoyed reading Locker Rooms it is an adventure-filled novel steeped in the
paranormal that was an easy and enjoyable read. However, there is Just one minor
point of contention it does have some minor editing issues but that aside this
is a good adult themed read.

have fun,