Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Down to Reality

Well, I had my first major shock working in the book business. The reading for Locker Rooms was held last night at the Terryberry Library in Hamilton. Five women showed up. My mother came along for support but ended leaving my reading for another room to read the newspaper. The other women listened and seemed to enjoy what I read. They asked some good questions which I enjoyed answering. Two promised to buy Locker Rooms from the Chapters bookstore as they had no cash. Sold one copy.

Disappointment and rude shock has totally brought me into the stark reality of how difficult this business is. I was so happy the way the signing went at the Chapters store in Ancaster. I couldn't but hope to believe I might possibly get a good showing for this library reading. I did hope for at least 10 people who would also all buy my book. Well, didn't end up that way.

Of course, the whole affair was not a total disaster. It was a first new adventure. A good experience which brought me down to reality. One woman at the reading offered other opportunities for more readings and I made notes. I am following up with those places. She was lovely and I appreciated her advice.

I should mention that the library said they ordered a copy from online. Sophie, the woman who organized the event, presented me with a lovely pen and designed cloth as a thank you which was just lovely.

Just received this message from my publicist, Judy Boswell, which I have to copy it here concerning my library reading:

                      Well…. that doesn't sound like a disaster at all.
                      That sounds like a captive audience! A freezing cold night in February
                      and somebody liked your reading enough to buy your book :D
                      I'd say that's a WIN!

Wow. Does that ever change my mood. What a wonderful message! Just what I needed to hear. Isn't she just great?

I have received some great reviews from people who have read Locker Rooms. A "good read" is mentioned every time. It is a good read and I'm sure you would enjoy it. Please go to my website and order a copy. I guarantee you a good ride.

Hope you are all enjoying this long winter. Just think how much more we will enjoy spring when it arrives.

have fun,