Sunday, 23 February 2014

Olympics are Over

Has the last 17 days ever flew by so fast. It was just yesterday that I was preparing myself to watch lots of TV and, thereby, the Olympics. I love sports; always have. It helped having a Phys. Ed. teacher for a mother and an avid sport follower for a father. While growing up, if there was a baseball, football or hockey game on TV, that is what we watched. My mother got us out at an early age learning every sport that she could teach my brother and I. We swam, we skied, we hiked, we canoed and anything else that came our way. Both my brother and I were avid athletes in high school.

Back to the Olympics. It was sure great that no one was blown up as we all thought might be possible before the games began. It was a very uneventful Olympics as far as security is concerned. So glad the Olympics went off without a hitch in that regard. We were informed about the extreme security rules in force. It was obvious that no bad person could get through that.

Well congratulations Russia. You put on a good show. And thanks to all the athletes who succeeded to the Olympics. Canada did really well. 25 medals and 10 gold. In total, about 75 Canadians, who went to the Olympics, come home with a medal because of all the team sport wins such as curling and hockey. Not bad eh? Was sure great getting up at 7:00 a.m. this morning to watch the gold medal hockey game between Canada and Sweden. It was a great game especially since we won 3-0. Canada played their best which is always important in any challenge. I wish the whole Canadian hockey team played for the Toronto Maple Leafs. We would win the Stanley Cup every year.

Well, it's sad that the Olympics are over. They were so much fun. Everyone participated honestly and respectful of other athletes. Did you hear about that Canadian coach who gave a Russian cross country skier a new ski after he had broken his and the athlete was able to finish the race? Or that Canadian short track skater who gave up his spot in the finals to a teammate who fell in his heat and then won silver? That is the true Olympics.

It's wonderful isn't it that there is something as momentous as the Olympics which can bring people from all over the world together in peace.

have fun,