Sunday, 26 January 2014

Success at First Signing

Yesterday, Saturday, January 25, I held my first signing for Locker Rooms. It was a grand success. I sold all the 30 books I brought. The staff at the Chapters store couldn't have been nicer. It was a wonderful experience which I hope will be repeated.

I feel invigorated from the signing experience. It is so wonderful watching people buy my work, my novel, my thoughts. But don't remember any of them. The day is a blur with people coming in and out of my focus. Luckily, I was set up by the front doors so I would attack every person who walked through Chapters' doors. Most were interested though, of course, a few were not. But usually, if I was able to get them to read the back cover and hear my spiel, they bought it. What a great feeling!

If you haven't bought Locker Rooms yet, you still can. You can buy it through or

Hopefully, you will check out my new novel, The Nuts. The first three chapters have been posted there. Please have a look and then vote and comment. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Check out the photo below taken from my signing.

have fun,