Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Harper in Israel

Do you realize the importance of Harper in Israel? Israelis have always felt alone in the world without any country on their side. I lived in Israel for five years where I absorbed the culture, language and way of life. Israelis call themselves Sabras (which means someone born in Israel). The Sabra is that small, round fruit on cactus trees. It is prickly on outside. Soft and sweet on the inside which is the way you would describe an Israeli. They are difficult to get to know but, once you are friends with an Israeli, you are for life.

Having Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, state so eloquently his strong ties to Israel is fantastic and wonderful for Israel. Being surrounded by Arabic countries causes the people in Israel to feel small and isolated. But, it also makes them strong and powerful. To have Harper openly acknowledge Israel is great for the country and it allows Israelis to feel just a bit more secure.

Most Arabic countries do not recognize Israel. Long standing anger and hatred remains with Arabs against Jews and Israelis. When I was in Australia and working in a factory in Sydney, one very good friend I had was from Jordan. We would often take smoke breaks together and we enjoyed each other's company. For the first month we worked together, we couldn't have been better friends. However, the next month, he found out that I was a Jew and Israeli. He never spoke to me again. Our friendship couldn't break his longstanding prejudice. A real pity.

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