Thursday, 9 January 2014


Do you have any plants? Do you have a green thumb? I lived with a friend while attending the Tel Aviv University in Israel who definitely had a green thumb and she loved plants. We had hundreds throughout our apartment. Once a plant was strong, she would take a cutting and set up another plant. It must have required an hour to water them all and I have no idea how she kept it organized since some plants needed more water than others. Unfortunately, every summer she would travel to England where she studied during the break from university and leave me to water the plants. She understood that she would return with many dead.

This friend's, Roni, birthday is a month before mine. You know how difficult it is to buy the right present? So we did this: on her birthday, we would go to the plant store and Roni would buy whatever plants she wanted. On my birthday, we would go to the bookstore and she would spend the exact same amount of money on books for me. Perfect right?

I have one plant. No idea what its called but its in a big pot on the floor and rises into the air with a thin, leafless trunk. Bursting out of the top part are long, deep green, soft leaves. This lovely tree stands about five feet or so high. I don't know how it survives. I always forget to water it and, when I do water it, I pour a whole jug of water into the dirt. I do this maybe every two, three weeks. I never remember when I last watered it but its leaves droop without water so then I know to water it.

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