Thursday, 16 January 2014

JukePop Serials: The Nuts

I have discovered a wonderful site called JukePop Serials. This is a site which allows authors to publish their books one chapter at a time and, therefore, a serial ensues. My serial is my novel, The Nuts which is about five poker buddies who uncover a deadly conspiracy within the USA.

To read the first chapter of this serial, please go to The Nuts

Suddenly and for some unexplained and unexpected reason, the entire United States collapses into a pitiful nation of anxious, stressed out, and paranoid people. No citizen feels safe or secure because they know that everyone is spying on each other. No one understands this bizarre hold and effect the FSC has on the American people. Who is the FSC? Nobody knows except that the people must send their weekly reports about their spy work to the FSC every week or face dire consequences.

To save the day are five poker buddies who have known each other since their science study group days in university. They are a close knit, intelligent group of men who challenge the FSC for control of the American people. Devoting all their time and energy after going into hiding, the five brilliant, successful men uncover the conspiracy that has endangered the lives of their fellow Americans.

Employing their common background in physics and their love of poker, the five good and decent men devise a brilliant opportunity to infiltrate the secretive FSC and determine who is destroying the very fabric of the USA. With the assistance of a taxi driver from Washington, D.C., and a few of his close buddies in the police force, the five special men repel the FSC and Harold Hartley who, they learn, is at the centre of this devious plot.

The devilish and evil Harold Hartley is a good looking man in his 60s of strong religious and spiritual beliefs; especially the strong conviction that he is a god requiring him to take over control of the people of the USA. He is also very charismatic, arrogant and brilliant which draws people to follow him blindly. However, he truly only cares about himself and his intense desire to rule.

What's exciting is that I have already received my first review and I just posted my first chapter. The gentleman considered most would think my first chapter boring but yet he "genuinely enjoyed" it because he is also a poker player. What a compliment! I have written about five long time friends and poker players yet I am a woman who has never been to a private game like that. Usually, men don't invite women to those games. Therefore, I am very honoured that this man would consider identifying with my characters and their situation. You can read his review at the site.

So, I hope you will check out the site and let me know what you think of my next novel.

have fun,