Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Shall We Chat? is finished

Oh, please help! I spnt the day correcting the master copy of Shall We Chat? Lucily, it didn't take as long as I expected. So, with an innocent obsessive abandonment, I logged onto the internet to try and publish this thing. I followed the steps and have to make a few changes. In addition, I must wait to hear from the site first before I can make those final changes. Then I hope to have a link where you can buy my book.

I'm exhausted from today's mental and emotional exercise. It is all very exciting and new. I love a good adventure. I hope I'll sleep tonight.

In case you haven't been to my website www.pattylesser.com here is a blurb about Shall We Chat? Revealing the Secrets Online:

This descriptive and detailed book deals with everything you have always wanted to know about chatting on the internet. Every minute, hoards of common souls from every country in the world enter public and private chatrooms. They may spend minutes or hours chatting online with someone for a multitude of reasons; some of which are: sexual, searching for a spouse, to kill time, a regular in a chat room, or to have an intelligent conversation.

Thanks to technology, the average person, finding themselves alone, reaches out on their computer hoping to find someone with whom to connect. The soaring divorce rate and dissatisfied marriages have created much loneliness among people and, with the advent of the internet chat room, the ability to find someone to fill your needs has increased expedentially. It is difficult to find someone with whom to share your real world life so many people search to fill that void or intimacy on the internet. The blatant fact that it is absolutely anonymous is a major advantage. For many chatters, it is easier to chat with a stranger online than someone real which keeps people coming back to the chat rooms.

It must be primarily understood that most men (both married and single) use the chat rooms as a means to relieve their sexual tension. Some women have a similar purpose, but most of the men are horny and are unable to chat while one hand is busy. Their topic of chat conversation is always sexual in nature and either you go along with it or you stop chatting with that person. This is all discussed in Shall We Chat?

In ten compelling chapters, I delve into and explore the subject of chatting online. The chat room is an exciting, magical world unto its own with many complex and complicated issues. Each chatter's time in the chat room is a personal experience because many people unveil themselves completely which sometimes leaves them open to predators. In addition, some people become so invested in their chat friends, it causes disharmony in their real life especially if the chatters are married. Whether chatting is considered cheating on your spouse is up to the individual to determine, but many married people eagerly engage in a sexual relationship online.

Chat can be a brilliant place full of healthy amusements with new experiences and an enjoyable, educational period of time spent with a new or long-time friend. However, you must be aware that it is a fantasy world full of dreams. Or is it? How real is it to you? Read Shall We Chat? and judge for yourself.

So? Shall We Chat?