Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Feeling Better

After two days of the stomach flu, I finally feel great. I was so happy to wake up this morning without a stomach ache. Boy that flu really came and went so quickly. Luckily, I've stayed healthy for a few years and this was the first time in a long time that I have been sick. I don't like it, but then who does?

Chat We Chat? Revealing the Secrets of Chatting Online will be available for sale on Amazon in 5-7 days. As soon as I have a link, I will let you know as well as adding it to my website.

Finally finished proofing Shall We Chat? on Friday and, on Saturday, received the notice from Amazon that all is good and they will be prepared to publish the book when a copy is ordered. I ordered some copies for myself, of course, and I can't wait to see my book as a real physically published book. It looked good on the computer.

Now, I've got to find someone to buy it!

I don't know much about marketing so if anyone could give me a hand, I'd appreciate it. I will take my book to Chapters and Coles and see if they will carry it in their stores. I also have a few other ideas about how to get my book out there. A few suggestions from you would be great.

Yeh! The Leafs are in the playoffs but meet Boston in the first round. I hope they can win a game let alone the whole series but, if they can beat Boston, they might be able to win it all. Seeing the Cup in Toronto would be great. Can't wait until tomorrow night when the games begin.

have fun,