Sunday, 10 August 2014

Reality Shows

In the past, when I wanted some excitement, I would travel to distant lands. Now, when I need some excitement, I watch reality shows. I enjoy the thrill of never knowing what is going to happen which can be exciting in itself. People comment that some scenarios have been staged but, I believe, for the most part, it is realistic. I'm sure a lot of editing is involved, but I hope for the best.

My favourite shows are: Amazing Race, Masterchef, Hell's Kitchen, Survivor and, yes though I hate to admit it, the Bachelor/Bachelorette. These shows can cause expectation and excitement while waiting for every week's episode. It's nice to know that a conclusion is imminent. Some TV series go on forever which I find daunting since my attention span becomes difficult to hold over the years.

Masterchef and Hell's Kitchen make me hungry. It is fun to see the different foods that are prepared. I've been watching Survivor ever since the first show. Totally addicted to that series. The competitions are incredible on Amazing Race. It can be fascinating to watch people in excellent physical condition excel or fail in certain tasks.

I would love to run the Amazing Race with my brother. He competes in triathlons and is successful so he would make a good partner. He is also smart and well travelled. However, I couldn't go into the Race for a million reasons. Some dreams can't be realized.

The August 1st weekend was a long, holiday weekend in Canada, I travelled to my parents' cottage on a lake near the City of Huntsville, Muskoka. My friends and I had fantastic weather with peace and lots of relaxing. We read, swam, played backgammon, ate well off the barbeque, and had some great conversations. I was able to finish off another draft of one of my novels.

See below a few pictures I took at the cottage.

Have fun,

Look Right

                                                                       Look Centre

                                                                        Look Left